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Singapore Palestinian Film Festival 2017: Alternative Cinema From 19 Jan – 22 Jan At The Projector

What started in 2016 has picked up a steady pace, and is back for its second installation at The Projector.

The Singapore Palestinian Film Festival (SPFF) will utilise this alternative theatre space to showcase independent films and the likes. The festival is organised by Adela Foo and supported by the Middle East Institute (NUS).

A non-profit enterprise, the SPFF’s sole purpose is to provide a platform for Palestinian film makers in Singapore to showcase their works and express their creativity.

So as not to limit anyone, this undertaking opens up opportunities for both Palestinians in Singapore and Singaporeans alike, to learn more about the differences in culture.

Palestinians living here get the chance to narrate their stories for Singaporeans to get an insight into all the things we probably wouldn’t get to experience otherwise. The festival hopes to reflect the ever-changing diversity of Palestine through film and unite the different communities in Singapore.

Conversations can be created and ideas sparked through the films showcased, developing the arts and culture in our nation. SPFF runs from 19 Jan 2017 – 22 Jan 2017 and comprises various genres, from comedy to documentaries.

What particularly intrigued me was the Slingshot Hip Hop (20 Jan), where a group of Palestinian youths use rapping as a form of retaliation to their situation along the Gaza strip, the West Bank and Israel. Expect coarse language that challenges gender norms, generational differences and more.

Dates: 19 – 22 January 2017

Singapore Palestinian Film Festival 2017: Level 5 of Golden Mile Tower, 6001 Beach Rd, Singapore 199589 | Book Tickets Here

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