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| On 2 years ago

15 Creative Activities You Can Do In Singapore To Feed Your Inner Artist

Picking up a paint brush or pencil isn’t all there is to art. Defined as “creative activity”, it includes anything from doodling to cooking, music, photography, and everything in-between.

These activities aren’t just for the rebels that loathe the rigid local school system (hi-five). So, think out of the box, do away from the norm and scroll down the list to tap into your inner creative.

1. Cut And Stitch Leather Work With Stone For Gold

The smell of leather, is just as good as the smell of a new book. Stop splurging hundreds on wallets and other pieces of leather-craft and learn how to make your own.

The General Co brings together various artisans to conduct workshops for the common man looking to learn a craft. Stone For Gold takes the reigns for leather-craft workshops. Learn about the different types of leather and how to stitch and cut your next wallet or whatever you’ve got in mind.

2. Cook Up A Storm With Cookery Magic

You don’t have to go for a class to learn how to cook. That’s the magic of it — watch, read and experiment in the kitchen.

If you insist on the advice of a trained professional however, Cookery Magic holds — you guessed it, cooking classes. The classes are conducted by ex-engineer Ruqxana Vasanwala who keeps the Peranakan food culture alive in her kitchen.

3. Create Latte Art With Dutch Colony Coffee Co.

The Dutch Colony Coffee Co conducts a host of caffeine fuelled workshops for coffee lovers. Creating more reasons for us addicts to spend even more time around the second most traded commodity in the world.

Besides latte art, there’s a brewing foundation workshop — no more excuses for underwhelming cups of coffee.

4. Block Print With Matter Prints

There isn’t much a of textile industry in Singapore but, local socially conscious label Matter Prints are all about woodblock printing. Their intricate prints add flair and breathe life into their pants that have caught on with those looking for fashion with a cause or simply a great pair of pants.

5. Knit With It Takes Balls

The art form of grandmothers and crazy cat ladies, or that’s what cartoons and shows would have you believe at least.

It Takes Balls takes the art of knitting out from the moth ball lined cupboards and into the sunlight. Selling everything made by hand, they give you the option to purchase a DIY kit with the essentials you’ll need to make the piece you bought. And every once in a while, they’ll throw together a workshop just for all your craft junkies to perfect your skills.

6. Fabric Screen Print With Fictive Fingers

By the end of this article you just might be able to make all your clothes from scratch, or at the very least brighten up some basics in your wardrobe. Learn the art of screen printing with the Fictive Fingers, a hand printed textile house started by two sisters.

7. Mould Pottery With Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle

Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle is arguably the place to go to for anyone interested in the craft of pottery. From the enthusiast to master craftsman, it’ll be hard to get a more in-depth experience than this.

Home to a rare Dragon Kiln built in the 1940s, it is fuelled by wood, and the powerful flames produce a very different end product compared to its more subdued electric and gas counterparts.

8. Build A Terrarium At The Plant Story

Terrarium building — is it science or art? I’ll say it’s a bit of both. The Plant Story turns your primary school science class into a works of art.

These plots of greenery that’ll fit into containers and jars, can be classified into four variants: rainforest, desert, air and water. Spruce up your little garden, tend to it and watch it flourish. It’s like a beginner level pet — it doesn’t move or need much attention. Great for those barely scraping by when it comes to taking care of themselves yet, want to care for something that’s alive.

9. Paint A Masterpiece At NAFA

Painting was bound to make the list. If I expanded on the styles of painting this list would go on… and on. But, for those looking to pick up a brush, a swish here a dab there and you’ve got yourself a masterpiece.

I’ve got to give love to my Alma Mater, NAFA which has an array of short courses for those looking to get into almost any specific genre of painting.

10. Doodle With Band of Doodlers

The form of art that comes most naturally to us. Remember doodling to make time pass faster during those long dreary lessons in primary and secondary school? Some of us drew stick-men, while others produced intricate designs and sketches that are impressive to say the least.

So grab a notebook and start doodling away, and if you’re in need for inspiration or company, check out Band of Doodlers.

11. Shake Cocktails With Drinkdings

Are you the one creating potent concoctions during pre-drinking sessions and house parties? Drinkdings teaches the art form of making delicious shots and cocktails that are laced with enough booze to get the party started.

The art of getting your people tipsy or even smashed, while enjoying every last drop takes a good amount of restraint and a refined palate. Something I’ve learnt with experience and not a drop of training.

12. Jam At The Music Parlour

My forays into the art of music are restricted to the infamous recorder during primary school music lessons. And the even more notorious mandatory piano lessons almost every Asian child has to endure growing up.

For the musically inclined or those whose musical talents extend beyond head bobbing, feet tapping, lip syncing and playing sick riffs on the air guitar, check out The Music Parlour. Vinyl records adorn the faux brick wall, inspiring music makers with the aesthetics of a time long past.

13. Go On An Instagram Photo Trail With SGIG

Gone are the days of potato phones! The camera that’s part of every smart phone is often good enough for taking pictures that’ll get you the likes you so desperately crave for on Instagram.

If you’re looking to get into casual photography over the weekends, check out Singapore Instagram better known as SGIG for their collection of images you could draw inspiration from.

Look out for challenges and weekly themes for some direction and friendly Online competition. And every once in a while, they’ll even do meetups.

14. Learn To Write Creatively With SPEAK.

Not widely appreciated and too often brushed off as the glorified musing of the hipsters or wannabes. It’s time literature and creative writing in Singapore got a little more recognition. For weekend and full time wordsmiths, or the one looking to reignite the creative writing spark in you, SPEAK. is just one local group that hosts events and poetry slams for local writers of all levels.

15. Pen Modern Calligraphy At TYPE + SUNDRY

Who knew penmanship classes would become one of the hottest things on Instagram and Pinterest. Add some colour, fancy pens and people are hooked onto executing their each letter to perfection. The staple in their daily life however, might resemble a chicken’s scratching more than anything.

But I digress. If you have a penchant for the art of penmanship, TYPE + SUNDRY hold workshops for those interested in modern style calligraphy using brushes and dip pens.

— —

The lack of things to do as so many of us bemoan come the weekends — or the perception of it anyway, are limited by your imagination. With 16 crafts to immerse yourself in, this list should keep you occupied, unless you decide to give up of course. And no one likes a quitter.

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