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Categories: Events
| On 5 years ago

Overwatch Year Of The Rooster: New Character Skins To Spend Your 2017 Angbao Money On

After wrapping up its Winter Wonderland Christmas themed event, Blizzard is releasing another new event on 25 January 2017 (SGT) for the first person shooter game, Overwatch. It is aptly called Year of The Rooster to celebrate Chinese New Year 2017, which happens to be the year of this particular Chinese Zodiac.

A popular theory surrounding character Mei’s new skin is that Blizzard is planning to change the effects of her abilities from one end of the spectrum to the other. Instead of her usual endothermic blaster that freezes people in their tracks, the rumour is that Mei’s Chinese New Year skin could allow her to change her gun into a flamethrower instead.

Blizzard announced the event on its Overwatch Twitter account, along with sneak previews of two new character skins for Mei and D.Va. The D.Va skin looks amazing, and I can foresee myself playing Overwatch late into the night trying to get these sweet lootboxes!

Overwatch Year of The Rooster: Debuting 25 Jan 2017 (SGT) | Facebook | Website

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