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Dr.stretch Singapore: Stretch Therapy For Sweet, Sweet Release

Desk bound warriors of corporate machines, it’s time to get loose. Dr.stretch is for anyone who finds themselves sitting, or hunched over on their phones way too much. That’s just about everyone.

With an ongoing free 20-minute trial for anyone who walks through their doors, experience it yourself before parting way with your hard earned money. Beats just taking our word for it. But, read on for our thoughts.

This Isn’t A Massage

Open space, turf and top 40 hits on play.

Right off the bat the trainers at Dr.stretch want you to know that this isn’t a spa. There’s no mellow “ambient rainforest” playlist, segregated rooms or scented candles burning.

An open concept allows trainers to help one another, with some clients bodies knotted up like some puzzle.

“But I can stretch by myself.” Sure you can, but do you? And not in the ways you’re going to be stretched out at the masterful hands of Dr.stretch’s trainers. Skillfully manipulating your limbs and contorting your body to twist in ways you’ve never imagined to find yourself in, if you’ve ever wanted to be a human pretzel, this is the place for you.

Stretching in itself comprises of many variations, trainers at Dr.stretch put clients through the gamut. A mix of the static holds of which so many were taught during our P.E lessons, dynamic stretching, everything in-between and deep tissue massage, the techniques at Dr.stretch emobdies the saying “so good it hurts”.

Tune Up

Some ankle mobility assessment and light stretching before the real fun.

Developed for athletes to recover better from the rigors of training, it’s great on hardworking corporate workers slogging it out in front of screens big and small. Knotted up muscles and stiff joints that don’t get a ton of movement. Save for your fingers.

However, after all the odd looking shaking and twisting of limbs into freaky looking positions, you’ll feel looser and refreshed. By encouraging the flow of blood in a short 20-minute session, I was relieved of nagging pains that I brush off and live with, even though I know better.

But think of how it’d help with consistent work and treatment put in. Pain that radiates from the back so often stems from the legs, and the list of painful mistaken identity goes on.

Who knew being turned into a pretzel could feel so good?

No I haven’t been paid to endorse Dr.stretch (though I wish it). However, I do believe people will be happier with physical activity in their life, and if there’s anything you should start with, it should be loosening up and getting your joints and muscle unstuck (and ass from your chair).

Price: S$190/2 hrs, S$450/1-month plan (four sessions), Free 20-minute trial

Dr.stretch: 3 Temasek Boulevard, #02-323/324 Suntec City Mall (Tower 5), Singapore 038985 | 23 Serangoon Central #02-40 Nex, Singapore 556083 | Opening hours: 11am – 10pm

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