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Iqmall Hayat

Have A Good Laugh With Rohan Joshi This 25 Feb At One Marina Boulevard

A stand-up comedian, writer and TV presenter – Rohan Joshi will be bringing his hilarious live show, LOL Stars Feat Rohan Joshi…

3 years ago

kāi: These Cute Confectionery Pouches Are What Sweet Dreams Are Made Of

kāi is derived from the Mandarin character 开 (kāi), also used in the term 开心 (kāi xīn); meaning happiness. Founded…

3 years ago

8 Types Of Singaporean Soccer Fans You’ll Meet During The 2018 FIFA World Cup

Even with the Singapore team's dreadful results in their unending quest to reach the World Cup, soccer (or football to…

1 year ago

EagleWings Yacht Charters: Taste The Suite Life With This Affordable Luxury In Singapore

For the longest time, I only believed that yachts were for the rich and famous. But the folks at EagleWings…

1 year ago

This New Birdcage-Themed Club At Millenia Walk Is Ready For Your Migration

Is it just me or are there new clubs popping up every other day? I’m not complaining, and if AVRY…

3 years ago

Rapi-Dash Through Southeast Asia’s Only Pokémon-Themed Run At Marina Barrage On 27 Jan

Even though it was weird to hear Pikachu speak in perfect English in the new Pokémon movie, you can’t deny…

3 years ago

Zero Latency SG: Go Through VR Portals & Fight Zombies In A Whole New Gaming World

Virtual Reality (VR) has taken gaming to the next level by transporting you into a whole new world where defying…

1 year ago

Marina Bay Singapore Countdown 2018: A Week-Long Celebration Awaits

Marina Bay and the Civic District are set to transform into a spectacular countdown celebration avenue, with events happening concurrently…

3 years ago

The Reality Of Admiralty Slides Park: Not Exactly A Walk In The Park

Admiralty Park re-opened to a frantic reaction from the public with its inclusion of new slides located in different sections of…

1 year ago

BANKSY & Co. Are Bringing Street Art To The ArtScience Museum This 2018

From 13 January 2018, the ArtScience Museum will be invaded by some of the world’s top street artists in one…

3 years ago

Big Bundle: Pop Some Tags & Go Thrift Shopping In Johor Bahru

Johor Bahru. A place that’s been up-and-coming for as long as I’ve been alive. But before becoming the town that…

3 years ago

KEEPERS: A Collection Of The Finest Products That Break The Stigma Of Singaporean Brands

Some local brands have kind of a bad rep for selling products that have been described as being of low…

1 year ago

Watch This Incredible Crustacean Migration On Google Street View For The First Time In Jan 2018

From herds of elephants in Kenya, to penguins in the Arctic and frogs in the Amazon, Google’s Street View Trekker has…

3 years ago

UTme! By Uniqlo: Here’s How You Can Design A T-Shirt On A Smartphone Like We Did

Uniqlo has quickly become a staple brand in many of our wardrobes. From the AIRism line, to the affordable basics…

2 years ago

Zouk Is Bringing Genting To HIGH-er Lands With Its Opening This 2018

Forget strawberry picking, gambling or the cold weather; Genting Highlands is going through a transformation like no other and the…

3 years ago

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