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8 Types Of Singaporean Soccer Fans You’ll Meet During The 2018 FIFA World Cup

Even with the Singapore team’s dreadful results in their unending quest to reach the World Cup, soccer (or football to the righteous bunch) is undeniably Singapore’s favourite sport. Forget swimming, table tennis or even MMA.

And like every other sport, soccer comes with its own set of fans. Here are eight types of soccer fans you’ll notice in the days leading up to the 2018 FIFA World Cup, which is set to take place in Russia from 14 June to 15 July 2018.

1. The Glory Hunters

Oh, where do I begin? The Glory Hunters absolutely hate the idea of losing. They are the fans of teams that usually win most of the games.

They chase after silverware (trophies) and will take their misaligned fandom to where the titles are. And you’ll most likely see them jumping ship once their teams start losing.

Most Likely To Support: Germany

2. The Derby Digletts

Much like the pocket monster itself, the Derby Diglett will rear its head only on certain occasions. And the occasions I’m referring to here are usually the huge derby games that take place.

You won’t see them on a daily basis on your social media platforms, but they’ll emerge and blow their trumpets on days of the big games, claiming allegiance to a certain team. But if that team loses, they will go back into hiding. Until the next big game at least.

Most Likely To Support: France

3. The Hipster Fans

The Hipster Fans have to be different. They need to be. They are the hipster fans, claiming to be supporting a team that you’ve probably never heard of before.

Their fandom lies in the fact that not many people (if any) have even heard about the team. And that fact alone makes them extra special.

Most Likely To Support: Panama

4. The One-Man Fan

“Wherever he goes, I go.” That is the go-to line for the One-Man Fan. The footballers in question are usually extremely charismatic, as well as widely acknowledged as talented.

Usually turning their whole persona into a brand itself a la David Beckham, they are touted as the next world beaters.

Most Likely To Support: Argentina / Portugal

5. The Betting Man

If you’ve ever seen someone in a Leicester City jersey on the streets, he/she is most likely the Betting Man (or woman). I heard it’s a ritual to buy the jersey of the team that wins you the big bucks as a betting man.

That season that Leicester City won the whole league made many people much richer than they should be. It’s their version of offerings to the gambling gods. They will only support the teams that win them money.

Most Likely To Support: Spain

6. The Eye Candy Fans

Who says football is only for guys? Girls can have their fun too. Even if they have no clue what’s going on, at least they are feasting their eyes on the guys on display.

Dripping with sweat, tussling in skin-tight jerseys and occasionally flashing their bods to celebrate a goal… I can see why some girls are more invested in the game than guys.

Most Likely To Support: South Korea

7. The ‘Too Good For EPL’ Fans

Manchester who? They don’t want to hear about who is leading the English Premier League (EPL), or who has more spirit or passion in English football.

It’s all about the technical stuff, the samba and the tiki-taka. They see the EPL as mainstream or of a lower quality of football.

True football is played away from England, or at least that’s what they believe.

Most Likely To Support: Brazil

8. That Fantasy League Guy

He says some ludicrous stuff and if you don’t know about his involvement in the online phenomenon, you’ll probably be in disbelief when he laments that Pogba is not playing when in fact he’s a die-hard Liverpool fan.

These fans put all rivalry aside for the imaginary points that come with each touch of the ball, accounting for a total score at the end of each game.

Most Likely To Support: England

— —

World Cup season is approaching and I can’t wait. Drama that’s guaranteed with plenty of football to watch, it will be the only talk of the town. I for one, can’t wait to spot these fans when the time comes.

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