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EagleWings Yacht Charters: Taste The Suite Life With This Affordable Luxury In Singapore

For the longest time, I only believed that yachts were for the rich and famous. But the folks at EagleWings Yacht Charters have squashed that belief of mine. They ever so kindly offered our team a charter of our choice and here’s how the whole experience went down.

Located in the heart of Sentosa Cove, we picked the morning charter in the hope of catching the first light and starting our day right. There are three different packages that you can choose from — morning, afternoon and night.

Each comes with its own unique experience unlike any other. Excited was an understatement. I was finally going to be able to taste that suite life.


After passing by a slew of smaller and less extravagant boats, we were met with a titan of a yacht. Standing at 68 feet tall with its sleek black exterior reflecting the waves of the ocean, we entered with anticipation.

Instantly you can tell that this experience would ooze class. From the wooden flooring to the very Moroccan-chic decor, it felt like a home away from home (only if your home comes with a fully-loaded bar of course).

The wide windows gave the space plenty of natural light and you can get an unobstructed view of the horizon from any angle.

Water Sports

Thrill-seekers, here is something for you to do if you don’t want to stay and lounge on the yacht for the entire day. There’s a spacious garage on board where all the fancy floats and boats are stored.

We hopped onto an inflatable swan, which you can make use of to look like an influencer and get that 10,000-like photo. Float around on the swan and soak up all that vitamin D!

We also had a ton of fun with a kayak and a water sled in the shape of a whale. I recommend the water sled; it was really fun being dragged across the beautiful azure sea at high speed, and then eventually falling into the water. Definitely a highlight of the day spent on the yacht.


Here’s one for the aspiring songsters and SoundCloud rappers; the yacht has a fully-equipped karaoke system with a wide TV screen that drops down from the ceiling. Talk about posh, huh?

With four wireless microphones, don’t worry about not getting your turn to showcase your vocals. The system also has a decent database of songs to choose from. Top hits from pop stars like Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift are definitely there, and of course the classic Mandarin KTV songs are also available.

It’s the same as what you’d expect from karaoke joints around Singapore, but here, you get to scream your lungs out on a yacht while sailing on the beautiful sea.


Situated in the lower levels are the gorgeous bedrooms. An oasis for the seasick, these luscious bedrooms are home to king-sized beds. Wide enough to sleep two, the combination of elevated beds and padded walls are a precaution for when those turbulent waves come.

The crew even made a swan out of the towels which I thought was a sweet touch. That’ll surely score you some extra points with your significant other.

Scenic Views

The route offered us great scenic views of our city skyline. Setting off from the beautiful Marina Cove in Sentosa, you’ll get a taste of the sweet life, cruising along some heftily-priced properties.

Once we made it out of the dock, we were greeted with the view of downtown Marina Bay bathed in the orange morning glow before we made our way past Kusu Island and the sandy shores of Lazarus Island.

It was there where we docked, facing a clear horizon to just spend hours gazing upon. Teal waters against the clear blue skies made it look like we weren’t in Singapore.


With all the fun we were having, our stomachs were soon growling. Lucky for us, there was even a chef on board to take care of our roaring appetite.

We were served some delicious fluffy pancakes, along with sausages and a beautiful portion of scrambled eggs. The sautéed mushrooms were a delight to have with the salad; it certainly whet our appetite.

A perfect meal, made by a private chef, just for us. This is the life indeed.

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Luxurious and spacious, the EagleWings yacht is perfect for a romantic getaway or a wild party with friends. Getting on a lavish yacht like that will definitely make you the envy of all your peers.

Time to pack your swimsuits and sail off into the sea. Oh, and don’t forget your shades and sunscreen!

EagleWings Yacht Charters: Website | Facebook

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