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The Reality Of Admiralty Slides Park: Not Exactly A Walk In The Park

Admiralty Park re-opened to a frantic reaction from the public with its inclusion of new slides located in different sections of the park. With each zone specialising in its own niche, children of all ages can get a slice of the fun. But, the keyword here is, children.

Ground Zero

Located a stone’s throw away from Republic Poly means that not only do you have to fight amongst the kids for your turn on the slide, but actual teenagers as well, and they come in droves after their respective school hours.

I looked just like one of the poly kids during my visit the other day but it was surprising to see so many of them, to say the least, for a place meant for ages 12 and below.

Usually, with their smartphones in one hand, they’re just out to spruce up their ‘gram with the latest happenings in Singapore.

Not So Slippery

With just one look at the slides, you’ll know that they’re specifically designed for kids. Honestly, I was captivated at the sight of the gleaming chromed-out slides that look like they came straight out of a video game. Stretching almost three-storeys tall, the vertical drop on it was going be insane, if not a little dangerous.

After climbing through various tiny obstacles to the top and standing in line behind kids a quarter of my age, I was met with an unusually tiny mouth of the slide. With no handlebars above, I had to manoeuvre myself into a stable position, holding onto the inner sides of the slide for any type of grip.

The initial rush of adrenaline was quickly stifled by the sharp prickling pain of sand residue rubbing against my bare skin. I wasn’t sure if that was what stopped me from enjoying my ride down the slide.

Photos Do Too Much Justice

Don’t let fancy Instagram filters and edits fool you, anything can look great with the correct angles. With 26 slides across the park, I can only assure you that only three of them are worth travelling down for.

For everything else, there’s probably a better slide out there in your neighbourhood playground.

The three mentioned, hold the titles for wildest and longest slides in any public park in Singapore. Vibrantly coloured in blue, green and chrome, they are easy to spot and if that fails, the snaking queues are a tell-tale sign.

Are they worth the embarrassment of standing in line and knowing you’re way too old to be anywhere near a playground? Perhaps.

A single ride down would be understandable but anything beyond that is closing in on weird territory.

— —

Maybe some things are better left to be enjoyed from afar. If you’re planning to have a jolly good time with your mates, this will not be a walk in the park.

Try to line up your slide sesh on an afternoon after the school holidays and hope that the kids are gone so that you do not suffer the same embarrassment that we did.

Admiralty Park: 31 Riverside Road, Singapore 730000 | Website

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