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Esther Chan

I sip tea in the face of adversity. Portfolio: https://streetsixtytwo.co

10 Unique Theme Parks In Asia That You Have To Visit Instead Of Disneyland

Theme parks. Giant playgrounds designed for adults that can be a huge waste of money, especially in Singapore. We all…

2 years ago

Broc & Bells: This “Dating” Website Lets You Connect With Someone Through Fitness & Health

Hands up if you're thoroughly sick of meeting boys who "don't want a label", or of swiping right on seemingly adventurous…

2 years ago

10 Online Games Every 90s Kid In Singapore Used To Spend Hours Playing

Sit down for a blast to the past! Who remembers playing these online games back in Primary and Secondary school…

3 years ago

Nimble/Knead: Transport Your Worries Away At This Spa With Shipping Containers As Rooms In Tiong Bahru

Located in Tiong Bahru, Nimble/Knead is a cozy spa that uses actual shipping containers as spa rooms. Promising "free shipping…

2 years ago

Getai (歌台) In Singapore: The Allure Behind This Live Stage Performance Overlooked By Our Generation

When getai is mentioned, one usually thinks of it as a performance put up for the spirits during the Hungry…

3 years ago

10 “Rabak” Confessions From Singaporean Teachers That Show What They Have To Deal With

When it comes to teaching, most of us would agree that it's not an easy job. Yet, some Singaporeans remain…

2 years ago

Sweat It Out With Some Cute Pups Up For Adoption At This Gym In Serangoon On 22 Apr

This 22 April 2018, boutique gym CELL will be collaborating with SOSD Singapore (Save Our Street Dogs) to host a workout…

3 years ago

淘宝 Taobao: Your Ultimate Guide To Shopping Directly From This Chinese Website (Tips Included!)

Wanna shop cheap goodies but can't Chinese for nuts? I got your back. "But why bother?", you might ask. Sure, there are middleman…

2 years ago

10 Free Multiplayer Mobile Gaming Apps To Get Your Party Rolling!

Games! What better way than playing a game together to break the ice and get to know one another? Sure,…

3 years ago

Bioré Makeup Removers: We Put Water, Jelly, & Oil-Based Products To The Test To Find The Best

We've got an MVP. Cleaning our faces can be such a chore after a long day out, and who actually has…

3 years ago

Shawn’s Soaps: This Chef-Turned-Soaper Makes Natural Soaps That Promote Healing

My bathroom has never smelled so invigorating. Do you have eczema or know someone who does? Then perhaps Shawn's Soaps…

2 years ago

Ear Candling: Does Burning Candles In Your Ears Really Clean Them?

One of these days my curiosity will be the cause of my death. But not today. To write this article…

2 years ago

10 Things Asian Parents Used As Weapons To Whoop Our Younger Ratchet Selves With

Hands up if you already winced upon reading the title! Memories of our childhood are often bittersweet, but the memories…

2 years ago

Turn Things Upside Down At This Yoga Rave On 12 April In Club AVRY

Ayyy! Yoga in a club? Gurl, sign me up and hit me with that namaste. Get your funkiest pair of yoga…

3 years ago

This Anti-Elitist Fashion Art Festival Is Back From 4 – 7 Apr At The Projector

I am so hyped for this. Branded as an anti-elitist fashion art festival, Outsider will be making its return at The…

3 years ago

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