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10 Online Games Every 90s Kid In Singapore Used To Spend Hours Playing

Sit down for a blast to the past! Who remembers playing these online games back in Primary and Secondary school whenever there was a computer lab session, and minimising the screen every time your teacher walked past?

Here are 10 online games every 90s kid used to play:

1. Neopets

This game disillusioned me into thinking that I’m pretty okay at taking care of pets. Our neopets never died no matter how long we left them, did they?

I won’t deny that there were too many times I logged on to see my neopet ‘dying’. Lol. If my neopet was a real pet I would have been locked up in prison for animal abuse.

Shout out to Soup Kitchen and the Giant Omelette for feeding my malnourished virtual pets. Y’all the real MVP.

2. BattleOn / AdventureQuest

The last time I played this was in Primary school, and the most memorable thing about this game for me was the Frogzard. What a monstrosity. Can you imagine if it was a real creature though? Bet it could teach gym rats who skip leg day a thing or two.

Honestly, I don’t recall why I was so hooked onto this game. Could just be because it was way more interesting than whatever my teacher was teaching back then.

3. Club Penguin

Oh, Club Penguin. This was my all-time favourite game in Secondary school because it had these special ‘pins’ at hidden locations that you could collect whenever there was an event in game.

I was also obsessed with earning coins to buy the puffles. My favourite game was fishing at the iceberg – I always managed to catch the mullet. *brags*

4. MapleStory

Have you ever really lived if you’ve never played MapleStory? I suspect the answer is no. Back in Secondary school, everyone obsessively played this game.

Call me a noob but there was this quest that deeply infuriated me: John’s Pink Flower Basket, because I never had to patience to complete it. Why can’t you go get the damn flowers yourself, John?

Maple girl/boyfriends were also a thing, and people would get married in Henesys. Ai stead mai? 

5. Habbo Hotel

Probably the first game that sucked a significant amount of money from my poor juvenile pockets. The biggest draw of this game was the ability to customise your room with ‘furni’ that was way too overpriced for pretty looking pixels, and to hold parties. On hindsight, this was incredibly ostentatious.

S$4.50 for 15 credits, what was I thinking? I wasn’t. In my defense, the furni were cute. Sadly, I no longer have access to my account, so that’s all my money gone to waste.

6. Gunbound

Other than the more ‘cutesy’ stuff, Gunbound was one of the other games I remembered playing with gusto. In the good ol’ days, Mathematics had no relevance in my life other than nailing that angle and wind speed right in a game of Gunbound. Now? I look at my never-ending bills and cry.

The only things that scared me was when Sudden Death occured and when my parents brought out the cane because I failed my Maths test again.

7. Pet Society

For all the cuteness of this game, I could never get over how maddeningly slow the avatars walked. Also there was no point to this game other than dressing up your avatar and room, and it wasn’t easy to earn coins.

Yet all my friends’ avatars had way more lavish room decor than I did, and I don’t know how they did it. I guess we were all just really bored back then. Or maybe they had deeper pockets.

8. AuditionSEA

Several of my classmates were hooked on this game, tapping on the arrow keys at mach speed to get their avatars dancing to popular pop songs.

Unfortunately, yours truly had a terrible sense of rhythm and hand eye coordination, so I was hopeless at this game. I was more of a MapleStory girl than an AuditionSEA one.

9. Bejeweled Blitz

I remember this because I kept getting game requests from a ton of people and it made me wonder why they were on my friend’s list when I don’t talk to them in real life.

I can’t figure out why people liked matching colours, but hey if I spent my time mindlessly playing Pet Society I guess these people had it better than me for at least strategising the best moves to get high combo scores.

10. IMVU

IMVU was kind of like a more mature version of Habbo Hotel. It was a virtual world where you could enter private chatrooms, literally, and interact within the rooms. By interact, I mean you could direct your avatar to sit suggestively on the other avatar’s laps.

Standard conversations went like this: Hey. ASL? In hindsight, this game was jussssttt a little creepy.

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Which games did you play, and anyone still playing them today?

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