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10 Free Multiplayer Mobile Gaming Apps To Get Your Party Rolling!

Games! What better way than playing a game together to break the ice and get to know one another? Sure, you can get to know a person by talking to them, but games are much more fun and can reveal things about someone’s personality that conversations can’t.

Here are 10 free multiplayer gaming apps to avoid awkward conversations in a group and get the party rolling:

1. Spyfall

One of the simplest games of deception, the spy has to ‘smoke’ his or her way to blend in with other players in Spyfall. The spy is only given a list of locations, and has to guess from the questions and answers given by other players to figure out what the exact location is, while other players each have a role and location (eg. A criminologist in a police station, or a clown in a circus tent).

For example, if the given location is in a circus, one could ask “Does your work deal with children?” If someone answers “no,” then he or she would be a possible suspect as the spy.

Spyfall: App Store | Play Store 

2. Spaceteam

Get ready for mayhem and meltdowns with Spaceteam! A multiplayer game for two to eight players, each player gets a different ‘control panel’ with buttons. To keep the spacecraft functioning, players have to follow the instructions on the screen before time runs out.

If any player fails to complete an action given to them, the control panel will start to break down. Each level gets increasingly difficult, and it’s just a matter of time before the situation turns into a comic disaster just like my life.

Spaceteam: App Store | Play Store 

3. Triple Agent

Triple Agent resembles the popular Werewolf bot available on Telegram, but offers a simpler version of it.

There are two teams– you either work for the Service or the Virus. Like Werewolf, Virus agents are privy to the identities of other agents on their team, whereas Service agents are not. Look out for the double agent – if ‘infatuated’ by someone from the opposing team, they’ll have to help the object of their affection to win!

This game is ideal as a starter for people who find Werewolf a little too confusing with its several roles. The graphics are pretty cool too; the thumbprint ‘scanner’ adds to the novelty.

Triple Agent: App Store | Play Store 

4. Who Can’t Draw

A mobile app version of the ‘guess the drawing’ game, the first player is given a word to draw within 10 seconds in Who Can’t Draw, and then he or she has to pass the phone to the next player, who will get five seconds to study the previous player’s masterpiece.

Due to the lack of communication needed, this game would be more suitable for people who are already well acquainted with one another to have a good laugh at the terrible drawings… as you can see, someone in the office isn’t very good at drawing.

Who Can’t Draw: App Store | Play Store 

5. Evil Apples

Which is your favourite answer?

Evil Apples is basically a (rip-off) app game of Cards Against Humanity where you get the option to play against friends or strangers. The game is pretty straightforward – submit your best card answer and the judging player for that round will pick his/her favourite card as the winning answer.

Granted, the graphics and layout could have been a lot better but hey, the game works (and it’s free!)

Evil Apples: App Store | Play Store  

6. Hangovr

Chug chug chug. Hangovr is a game that dictates who drinks what in a fun way – we certainly had fun judging who was the hairiest on the team.

With unusual conditions like having the “most travelled person” (the person who’ve visited the most countries in the group) drink, or even just the sabo card by getting someone to drink double of what you choose to makes the party all the more interesting. Whatever it is, yay alcohol!

Hangovr: App Store | Play Store 

7. Nerve – Truth Or Dare Game

Modelled after the movie Nerve, Nerve Truth Or Dare comes up with the Truth questions and Dares which is pretty nifty. For the free version, the highest level you can play is the “Teenage” level that offers rather tame dares that pushes the line a little.

You can also create your own custom deck – my suggestion is to pass your phone around and allow everyone in the group to contribute a dare (who picks “truth” nowadays anyway? Boring), then allow the app to do the randomisation.

Nerve Truth or Dare: App Store 

8. The King’s Cup

Ayyy! Another drinking game! The King’s Cup is a pretty straightforward game – either drink from your cup as penalty, or pour a portion into the king’s cup for the suay player to down it all.

This game would be more fun if everyone was drinking different drinks so that the mixture of drinks in the king’s cup would get increasingly disgusting. Wouldn’t be as fun if the biggest loser gets to drink a full cup of beer now, would it?

The King’s Cup: App Store | Play Store  

9. Psyched! Outwit Your Friends

If you’ve never played this game before, you’re missing out. Psyched! is a game where players come up with their own answers, and the one that sounds most credible or is the most popular would get the most votes. The game recently added a deck to get to know your friends better, which makes it the quintessential game for gatherings.

This is a game where you’ll get to see who are the more serious or nonsensical people in your social circle – every round is a joke in its own way.

Psyched! Outwit Your Friends: App store | Play Store 

10. MahjongLeh

I actually lol-ed when I saw this on the app store, so I just had to add it in. Sure, there might already be tons of mahjong apps on the store, but Mahjongleh is the first Singaporean one!

This app also simplifies the game a lot – all you have to do is to choose which tiles to discard and whether you want to chi (set of three), pong (set of four tiles), or hu (game) when you’re able to.

No need to carry heavy mahjong tiles around anymore when you have this app! The extra feature to sound out Singaporean colloquialisms like “walao” or “huat ah” were an added bonus.

Mahjongleh: App store

– –

For parties, you’ve definitely got to try out Hangovr. Otherwise, Psyched! and Spaceteam are my top favourite multiplayer mobile games when chillaxing with my friends. There’s just something about ridiculous answers and everyone screaming in panic that makes things fun.

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