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| On 2 years ago

Broc & Bells: This “Dating” Website Lets You Connect With Someone Through Fitness & Health

Hands up if you’re thoroughly sick of meeting boys who “don’t want a label”, or of swiping right on seemingly adventurous people who turn out to just be gym rats…. because I am.

Or maybe you’re just looking for people to work out platonically with because your friends aren’t quite the fitspo type – then Broc & Bells is the social platform for you.

Meet Like-Minded People

When you sign up for an account, you can describe yourself with two words; as you can see, I’m not exactly the fittest of the lot. Click on “People” and you’ll be directed to this page where you can scroll through the profiles.

Broc & Bells connects individuals in two ways: The SweatBuddy Match and SweatBuddy Hangout.

SweatBuddy Match

Indicate your interest on the form

Ain’t got time to scroll through profiles? Try SweatBuddy Match, Broc & Bell’s algorithm assisted service. Simply fill up the form, submit, and wait for the system to matchmake you with people that it thinks you would hit it off well with!

When you get a match, you’ll be automatically added into a WhatsApp group with the other person as well as the Broc & Bells bot.

If you’re paranoid like me about the Broc & Bells team being able to read your messages (I’ve checked with the founder, they’re not able to. But y’know, just in case), take it to a private message!

Unfortunately, the match won’t be 100% perfect. I was matched with a guy six years older than me, and another guy who only had time to meet up in the early mornings. Meh. Still, it is a pretty cool feature to try out.

Sweatbuddy Hangout

It’s a match!

If you’re a more ‘traditional’ type and would like to pick your partners yourself, browse through the “People” page to look for a SweatBuddy yourself.

You can send a request by tapping on the profile of the person you’re interested in and indicating where you’d like to hangout. An automated mail will then be sent to notify them of your interest.

If they’re interested as well, then you’ll receive an email notification about the match like the one I did in the screen-grab above – you can then WhatsApp him/her with the contact information shared.

Curated Hangouts

If you’ve been on Tinder, then you’ll know the pain of going for boring or bad dates. Maybe the other person was interesting, but the date was… typical Singaporean-style. You know what I mean, going for a dinner and movie.

Broc & Bells has curated places for you and your match to choose from, which makes the date/meet-up more interesting and fun because you could easily plan for an activity-based date by choosing the recommended places from the Hangout page.

My match and I decided to give Kitchen by Food Rebel a try, because we are both unhealthy people and had never tried out Healthy Food™.

It’s located conveniently near Telok Ayer Mrt, and the cafe was cozy without a crowd, making it easier for conversation to take place.

I gotta say, I was more excited about trying the food than meeting my date. I didn’t even know what hormone-free chicken was before this.

My date requested to stay anonymous, so here’s a photo of the Zoodle Bolognese (S$18). The pasta was made from zucchini, which is something like a cucumber except it’s not. Don’t worry about it not being filling because it was.

It was also not my jam. I wouldn’t eat it again. The mushrooms were bland and the zucchini tasted weird because I’m not used to it. #Nope. My preferences for healthy food is limited to salads, and even so, I drizzle a good amount of dressing over it. The beef bolognese sauce was alright though.

I made him hold the spoon up.

My date had a more appetising Chicken Protein Bowl (S$19) with hormone-free chicken. It tasted like regular chicken, except that when you chew you can hear the sound of your wallet crying.

As for the date itself, it went pretty well! We had a good laugh over healthy food, and he got a kick out of me complaining about tasteless mushrooms. Would I meet him again? Maybe. But I’d definitely opt to go for one of the gyms or Broc & Bell’s fitness events next time.

– –

If you’re tired of apps like Tinder or OkCupid and would like to have a genuine connection with someone who didn’t hit you up for something other than your golden personality, I’d definitely recommend giving Broc & Bells a try.

If all else fails, at least you ate healthy and worked out, which still makes the date a win for you!

Broc & Bells: Website

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