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| On 2 years ago

Nimble/Knead: Transport Your Worries Away At This Spa With Shipping Containers As Rooms In Tiong Bahru

Located in Tiong Bahru, Nimble/Knead is a cozy spa that uses actual shipping containers as spa rooms. Promising “free shipping to wherever your mind takes you”, the spa offers a wide range of novel treatments from just S$42. Sounds good, right?

The interior of the spa

What struck me right away was the carefree, idle vibe of the interior of the spa. But aren’t all spas supposed to make you feel relaxed, you ask?

Yes, but sometimes you can feel the employees eagerness to sell you a spa package. It’s all about the vibes man.

Another aspect of the spa that won me over was the ‘massage preference’ option available on the sign up form, as well as options for areas you’d like your masseuse to focus more on, without the need to voice it out.

I’m an introvert, alright? I prefer not to talk, which means sometimes I end up tolerating massages that are a little too painful for my liking, which makes the session torturous and pointless. It’s a spa, it’s supposed to be relaxing.

I highlighted on the form that my calves were terribly dry and required more scrubbing, and the masseuse recommended that I go for the more moisturising Apricot Mango Spread Body Scrub (S$69) instead of their Chocolicious Scrub (S$69) that I had initially asked for.

As I was led to a room at the back of the spa, the lady explained to me that this was a couple room with an attached shower cubicle for couples who visit together.

The 45-minute body scrub (inclusive of 15 minutes of shower time) also included a short foot scrub before the start of the treatment, which was nice.

You can see from the photo that the attached washroom even comes with a rain shower. Towels and toiletries like shampoo and body wash are also provided, making it very convenient to just head here after work.

Do note that you’ll have to be fully undressed save for a pair of disposable underwear for full body treatments (if you’re new to spas), so if you’re uncomfortable with being butt-naked, maybe opt for just a facial treatment (S$169) or foot scrub (S$42) instead.

Focusing on my problem areas

As requested, my masseuse paid more attention to my calves. On a random note, check out those toned muscular arms ready to rub away your aches. Oh yes. The scrub itself was suitably warm with a thick consistency, and it smelled like I was scrubbed all over with apricot mango yoghurt or something.

I was also pleasantly surprised by her attention to detail. Before asking me to flip my body around, she dimmed the lights so that I wouldn’t be blinded when the towel over my eyes was removed.

The air-conditioning was switched off too, which was a huge brownie point in my books because I was fully unclothed. The extra steps taken to ensure my comfort throughout the treatment is the kind of service that would attract me to visit Nimble/Knead again.

– –

Credit. Their massages are S$76 for an hour!

Bonus: even when paying for the treatment, no mention of further visits was brought up. I was served warm water (you can also choose ginger tea), and the entire process was truly nothing but relaxing.

I loved the novel shipping container concept and the whole idea of “tough on the outside, gentle on the inside”. Life in Singapore can get really hard and stressful, and if you’ve never been to a spa before, Nimble/Knead is definitely the best place for your first experience!

Prices: From S$42

Nimble/Knead: 66 Eng Watt Street, #01-28, Tiong Bahru Estate, Singapore 160066 | Opening Hours: 11am –10pm (Daily) | Tel: +65 6438 3933 | Website | Facebook

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