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| On 1 year ago

6 Feel-Good Netflix Shows For a Chilly, Cosy Night In During Circuit Breaker

Just when you’ve spent the weekend wringing your streaming accounts dry of series and films, another edition of Netflix Mondays is here to be your knight in shining armour with a list refresh.

Perhaps you’ve already given your room its long-overdue makeover, and you’ve added this list of shows premiering throughout April to your ‘must-watch’ list. This week, we’ve got a line-up that screams positivity and delight—just the remedy to turn that frown upside down amidst a dreary, stormy time.

Since we’ve got another month of the Circuit Breaker to go, might as well strap in and get comfortable. You’ll be glad to know that the easing of some CB bans isn’t the only thing that gives us hope this season. After all that cabin fever, scares from high case numbers, and just the emotional roller coaster that has been the Extended CB measures, we deserve some goodness in our lives—even if it’s only 55 minutes each time.

Behold, 6 feel-good Netflix shows for when you need a pick-me-up, or just for a cosy, chilly night in.

1. Itaewon Class

Credit – JTBC

If it’s one thing that Itaewon Class promises, it’s that you’ll be taken on an eventful journey with twists and turns at every corner. Very early on into the series, viewers will easily find themselves rooting for lead character Park Sareoyi as he navigates through his weather-beaten life, never failing to emerge stronger and more resilient with each stumbling block that gets thrown at him.

Be inspired by Sareoyi’s resolute and positive outlook on life, and join his faithful crew at DanBam as they stick by him, and stand by their values even when the going gets tough. More than ‘just another K-drama’, Itaewon Class is extremely enjoyable in its own right due to the hard-learned yet wise life lessons it brings to the table.

Who should watch it: Anyone who’s ready to be part of a ‘ride or die’ crew.

Itaewon Class | Watch Here

2. The Half Of It

Credit – Netflix

Released literally just a few days ago on 1 May, The Half Of It is an ode to on screen minority representation. It is a coming-of-age drama comedy series that celebrates queerness and features people of colour in its cast.

Played by Chinese-American actress Leah Lewis, lead character Ellie Chu helps the school jock in his journey to woo Aster Flores, the most beautiful girl in school. But there is one catch—Ellie herself is in love with Aster. Watch how things pan out between the three, and find out whether Ellie will take the high road or decide to keep Aster for herself.

Who should watch it: For the one whose soul needs a big, virtual warm hug.

The Half Of It | Watch Here

3. Feel Good

Credit – Netflix

This feel-good list would, of course, be incomplete without the series that is literally named as such. Relatively new to Netflix as well, Feel Good is a semi-autobiographical drama-comedy with a splash of romance.

It addresses themes of modern-day love, sexuality, and addiction—all this amidst the meaningful connection that lead characters Mae and George fight to forge. The best part of the series is that its first season is a mere 6-episode affair, which makes it ever-so-easy to binge, and keeps the commitment issues at bay.

Who should watch it: Anyone missing the company of their partner during this CB season.

Feel Good | Watch Here

4. We Bare Bears

Credit – Cartoon Network

“We’ll jump out the bush with a big bear hug and a smile, we’ll be there!” The closing lyrics of the We Bare Bears theme song itself should give you good insight of the positivity and joy that the series holds. Despite it being an animated programme, We Bare Bears has captured the hearts of many full-grown adults who have fallen in love with the bears’ endearing personalities and silly antics.

Don’t be too quick to dismiss it as a children’s show just yet, and instead embrace it with an open mind as the series explores themes of identity, morality, friendship, and brotherly love. Join bear brothers Grizz, Pan Pan, and Ice Bear as they forge meaningful friendships, find out the truth behind their pasts, and learn from the mistakes they make. Each short 20-minute episode is power-packed with a strong narrative, yet makes for a great, light-hearted start to any day.

Who should watch it: For the one who desperately needs a good chuckle.

We Bare Bears | Watch Here

5. Never Have I Ever

Credit – Netflix

Ah, finally one for the brown kids. Also one of Netflix’s latest additions, Never Have I Ever is a teen sitcom that tells the story of 15-year-old Devi as she meanders through a confusing, yet defining season of her life.

More than just their terrifying Tik Toks and questionable party raves, the life of a teenager is represented in all its realness in Never Have I Ever, lauded as the best comedy that’s currently on Netflix. Through Never Have I Ever, one can truly appreciate the way Indian culture is represented but not fetishised, and enjoy Devi’s inspiring portrayal as a nerd but not a wallflower.

Who should watch it: All my desi friends out there who have been waiting eagerly to laugh at brown parenting jokes.

Never Have I Ever | Watch Here

6. The Good Place

Credit – Netflix

With the series finale having just been aired, now’s the best time to catch The Good Place if you haven’t already. The 4-season series investigates the curious question that’s on almost everyone’s minds—where do we go when we die?

As its name suggests, in this series, there is a good place, and consequently, there is a bad place. But are the affairs of the afterlife so simply binary or is there more than meets the eye? Join the Soul Squad Eleanor, Chidi, Jason, Tahani, and Janet as they quite literally alter the fate of human beings forever. If anything, The Good Place is sure to be a mood-booster with its charming gang and hilarious misadventures.

Who should watch it: Anyone who’s wondering what The Good Place actually looks like.

The Good Place | Watch Here

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