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Access A Single WhatsApp Account on Multiple Devices — Coming to You Soon

On 27th April 2020, WhatsApp released a software update that enabled its users to video call up to 8 people at a single go. Now, they’re coming closer to allowing consumers to enjoy access to one account on multiple devices without the hassle of being logged out on another device.

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After almost a year of working on multi-device support, the beta version of WhatsApp has released a new feature to increase the mobility of the app. With its release, users can access their WhatsApp account from different devices without having to log out on the device it was initially connected to.

Though it’s been 11 years since the launch of the American freeware, their platform has been limited to usage on a single device. Even WhatsApp Web, which was introduced in 2015, is only available when the primary device is connected to the internet and requires authentication before being able to access the chats.

Credit – WABetaInfo

However, the good news for us all is that WABetaInfo spotted new amendments made in the latest beta version of WhatsApp and shared screenshots of the new feature. The image displays the app asking to log in on a new device as well as additional information on its connectivity. WhatsApp has yet to make an official announcement or release information about the new feature so we can’t be sure about how many additional devices the feature may support or what type of devices can access it.

Till then, we can stay on our toes and await their updates on the new feature we might get to enjoy very soon. But for now, you can check out their calls that support up to 8 people and keep in touch with your friends amid the Circuit Breaker.

WhatsApp Messenger Multi-Device Access | IOS | Android

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