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Group Call up to 8 Friends With WhatsApp’s Latest Update — Available Now

Has WhatsApp been holding you back from calling your friend group because of it’s 4 user limit? Not to worry, they heard your feedback and this is no longer an issue.


With COVID-19 taking the world by storm, people all around the world are spending more time on WhatsApp calls than ever before. They use it as a platform to connect with their friends and relatives while isolating but being able to group call only four people simply isn’t enough.

So, users asked to be able to connect with more people at once, and WhatsApp delivered. In the latest update, users can call eight people at a single go. There are also visual improvements for iOS 13 users, including an updated message action menu.

To access the group call feature, press the phone icon with the + on the top right side of the group chat. Then, select up to 7 people to add and decide whether you’d like to go on a voice or video call.


WhatsApp also added that the feature was built to accommodate to as many users as possible so those who use older devices or have poor connectivity won’t be missing out on all the fun. What are you waiting for? Update the app on your phone and call your family and friends now to enjoy this free feature together with one another.

Whatsapp Group Calls | IOS | Android

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