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World Of Warcraft Mahjong Set: Unique Set Combines Two Of Your Favourite Games Into One

Behold, the World of Warcraft (WoW) Mahjong Set by Blizzard.

This unique game set comes in a wooden box packed with a WoW-themed placemat to set the mood. The chips, die and other mahjong accessories are also emblazoned with the Warcraft logo.

The set itself won’t come cheap though, at a hefty price of US$250 (about S$355), not including shipping fees, which can be bought off Blizzard’s merchandise website.

You’ll find loads of other goodies on their site too, such as the World of Warcraft Official Cookbook, which will teach you how to cook the dishes you find in-game; and Pachimari Plushes, if you’re a fan of the adorable creature from Overwatch.

I’d snap up the WoW Mahjong Set if I had the cash; but for now, I’ll just have to wait till I have the set to convince my relatives to try out the game.

Price: US$250 (about S$355), without shipping

World of Warcraft Mahjong Set | Website

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