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10 Successfully Funded Local Kickstarter Projects To Prove That Singaporeans Are Innovative

Singaporeans are innovative people, and I back that up with the amount of successful Kickstarter projects that have been rolling out of this little red dot over these couple of years.

In descending order of time taken to reach their minimum funding goal, here are 10 projects that are so popular they reached those benchmarks within a month.

Get ready to be amazed at the level of creativity!

1. Arc Board

Priding itself to be “the most portable electric skateboard in the world,” the Arc Board was launched on Kickstarter in 2016. It is said to be able to cover 18 km of distance in one charge.

Compared to other skateboards, it’s deliberate made smaller so that it’s easy to carry around. Its powerful motor can last long enough for you to even skip a bus ride or two.

Another big plus is the lack of vehicle exhaust which means that it’s a green option for travel.

Arc Board | Website | Kickstarter | Reached in: 25 days | Status: pre-order | Price: S$1698

2. Smart Egg

The Smart Egg combines all your infrared-reliant remotes into one, something Smart Homes that rely on WiFi can’t do.

Infrared technology is still relevant in common electronics like air-con and TV remotes, and who wouldn’t like these things to be more automatic in our daily routines?

It connects to your phone via Bluetooth, which means that it can’t be hacked via internet. It even has movement tracking so that electronics near you will turn on by themselves when necessary.

If you like a certain ambience for a movie night, save it in a scene and the Smart Egg will adjust everything to your preference whenever you decide to Netflix and chill.

Smart Egg | Website | Kickstarter | Reached in: 25 days | Status: purchase (official website), purchase (We The People) | Price: US$ 114 (official website), S$140 (We The People)

3. Talking Toes

When was the last time putting on socks made your mood better? That is the question that Talking Toes brings to mind with their innovative idea to spread good feels with a simple, everyday garment.

Each pair comes with an empowering message on the sole – now that’s what we call starting off your day on the right foot.

If you’re a fan of Kingsman: The Secret Service like I am, you’ll love this one.

Buy these online or head down to the We The People shop to check them out.

Talking Toes | Website | Kickstarter | Reached in: 11 days | Status: purchase | Price: S$14 per pair


XUBE aims to tackle the long-standing problem of too many toiletries and too little space to place them in public bathrooms.

Finally! A solution for all avid gym-goers, swimmers and… basically anyone who frequents the public showers regularly.

Each of the compartments can each take 50 ml of your preferred shower products, which means your multiple bottles of shampoo, soap and conditioner can be put in one place, rolled up and packed easily.

During your shower, you can mount it on the wall and dispense soap with a simple push down the tube. If you’re in need of a product to eliminate the fuss of bath time clutter, XUBE’s is just the thing for you.

XUBE | Facebook | Kickstarter | Reached in: less than 24 hours | Status: pre-order site to be announced | Price: S$35


A project by Diamond Walker, YSNEAKERS prides itself on offering customisation with high-grade materials that will ensure your footwear is truly one of a kind.

The 80 different type of leathers and fabrics it offers is just the start; it further extend into stitching, shoe lining, shoelaces and many more tailoring options.

They are in the midst of developing a photo-accurate sneaker personalisation app that will let you design your shoes straight from your phone. Exciting times are ahead!

YSNEAKERS are designed such that the soles can be replaced so that each pair of handmade shoes are built to last.

YSNEAKERS: Diamond Walker, 277 Orchard Road, orchardgateway #04-03, Singapore 238858 | Website | Kickstarter | Reached within: 15 hours | Status: pre-order, enquire via Facebook | Price from S$380

6. Demon Espionage

As a card game which is easy to learn and suitable for a wide range of ages with its cute illustrations. Demon Espionage hits the right notes with for a fun-filled time.

The “monsters” are scary… Scarily adorable, that is. Who would have thought that such a game could have a soft side?

Players are put into either the rebel or the shadow faction at the start of the game. The goal of the game is to collect as many souls as possible for your faction.

Even then, Demon Espionage is designed to throw you off; you will have no idea which players are in the same faction as yours, that means you could easily be attacking someone from your team.

Oh, and we’ve been told that there will be additional ways to play the game coming out soon. Something to look forward to when you get your game set.

Demon Espionage | Website | Kickstarter | Reached 100% within: five hours | Status: pre-order | Price: From S$27

7. Aubergine Pillow

“Aubergine” is another word for “eggplant,” and that’s exactly what this pillow was designed to resemble. A key feature of the Aubergine pillow is to accompany you on your travels.

Easy to inflate by blowing and compact when rolled up, it is an ideal companion for overseas trips or quick snoozes on the go.

It is discrete, the dark grey colour is meant to reduce embarrassing drool-marks. It’s even machine-washable! In the realm of travel pillows, those are big pluses.

Aubergine Pillow | Website | Kickstarter | Reached 100% in: three hours | Status: pre-order | Price: US$32 (about S$45)

8. Aki Wallet

Aki sets a high bar for minimalist wallets across the board. Made from a single piece of leather that has been folded and sewn, it is extremely thin without losing functionality, and there’s even a hidden, zipper-less compartment to hold coins discretely.

The Aki wallet is RFID-shielded, that means your credit card information cannot be stolen wirelessly. With tap-and-go payments gaining popularity, it’s a big incentive to get a wallet that protect your moolah.

For convenience, there’s a ninja-slot for your EZ-link card. Simply push the leather panel upwards and it will peek out just enough to be scanned. No more carrying your concession card in a separate pouch.

Kisetsu, the company that produced Aki, has more designs for minimalist wallets, which you can check them out at We The People.

Aki Wallet | Website | Kickstarter | Reached 100% in: three hours | Status: purchase, selected colours out of stock | Price: $119 (full grain leather), $129 (crazy horse leather)

9. Quotidian Pen

Minimalist and cool, the Quotidian Pen is created for more than just its aesthetics.

If you have a habit of spinning, clicking and fidgeting around with your stationery, this ballpoint pen is made for you in mind — the cover consists of a magnet that allows you to twiddle to your fingers’ content.

The cap also doubles as a magnetic propulsion to reveal the pen’s tip; refilling is easy, all you’ll have to do is pull out the empty ink cartridge and slot in a new one.

By the way, did you know that “quotidian” means “every day”? Tailored to fit your daily needs, there’s no other name more befitting of this pen.

Quotidian Pen | Website | Kickstarter | Reached 100% in: less than two hours | Status: pre-order | Price: $110 each

10. Limpeh Says

Last on the list, and the fastest to get funded well beyond it’s funding period is a fun card game: Limpeh Says.

Essentially, it is Cards Against Humanity with a Singaporean touch — Limpeh Says is packed with jokes that locals can relate to.

It goes like this: each player has 10 white cards in their possession. One player will draw a red card from the pile and read the question aloud.

After that, the other players will each answer the question using a white card from their own hand, placed face-down. The player who draws the red card will be the judge of all their answers and determines which is the best one; some of our favourite cards can be seen above.

What’s more, we’ve been told that special expansion packs are in the line of its future expansions, especially during the election year, so keep your eyes out for those!

Limpeh Says | Website | Kickstarter | Reached 100% in: 1.5 hours | Status: to be sold at retailers

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