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Watch Your Favourite Plays From WILD RICE With WILD@Home On Demand

WILD RICE is pretty much a household name and a pillar in the local theatre scene. As one of the biggest theatre nerds out there, you can imagine how thrilled I was when they first released recordings of their production of Supervision, Monkey Goes West, and Emily Of Emerald Hill online.

Credit – WILD RICE

Now, you can watch even more of WILD RICE’s fantastic productions with WILD@Home ON DEMAND. With a small donation of US$10 (approx. S$13), you’ll get a digital rental of their productions for 48 hours so that you can rewatch and dissect all your favourites scenes again and again.

Credit – WILD RICE

I’m particularly excited about MERDEKA / 獨立 /சுதந்திரம்,  premiering on 30 July 2020, as well as the hilarious The Importance of Being Earnest.

It’s no secret that the Arts have a taken a massive hit from COVID-19. Programs like these ensure that our arts scene can ride out this difficult period intact and allow us to enjoy more stellar theatre productions in the future. Find out how you can support our local arts scene with WILD@home here.

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