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| On 11 months ago

Camo and Birkenstock – is this Valentino x Birkenstock collaboration a step up?

Birkenstock sandals are a controversial pair of shoes. The functional orthopaedic shoe has been called many names, some decry it the ‘ugly’ sandal, calling it the ‘Jesus’ sandal among other names.

Credit – Birkenstock

While some would live and die in their Birks. After all, according to some your arches have never felt better. Some vehemently decry and eschew these sandals. Well, enter Valentino who made waves with the first collaboration with the German shoe brand in 2019.  Before you can decide whether you would wear it, Valentino has probably done the unthinkable this round—a camo Birkenstock.

Credit – Birkenstock

This new Valentino x Birkenstock specimen also utilises the Arizona silhouette with three iterations and emblazoned with contrasting patterns in military green, vibrant yellow and grey. There is so much camo that Tan France from Queer Eye would surely have a fit. These Birks also cost a pretty penny, at USD$543 (~S$743) a pair—comfort here comes at a price.

Credit – Birkenstock

Ugly or avant-garde, the presence of Birkenstocks will be a hotly debated fashion issue that will polarise the community for many years to come.

Valentino x Birkenstock: Buy here | Website | Facebook | Instagram

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