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Check out this rainbow kindergarten in China that looks like a giant kaleidoscope

Looking like something straight out of a movie, this kindergarten in Tianshui, China boasts 483 pieces of coloured glass and resembles a giant, rotating kaleidoscope. This school, which really is more of a piece of art, was designed by SAKO Architects, an architecture firm by the renowned Japanese architect Keiichiro Sako, based in Beijing.

Credit – Design You Trust

The coloured glass not only peppers the windows but also the doors and handrails—which you will discover as you continue to traverse deeper into the building. With a touch of natural sunlight, the awe of this multi-coloured beauty is brought to life.

Credit – Design You Trust

The kindergarten boasts rows and rows of high, arched windows and oval balconies—an unorthodox but charming way to embellish a space for early childhood learning. The young students have ample space to tumble and play, including a grass-adorned outdoor lawn on the balcony that promotes against an all-too-scenic backdrop.

Credit – Design You Trust

We don’t know about you, but we’ve got a feeling that school will definitely be less of a bore at a place this beautiful.

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