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Chez Vous Is A Leading Name In Luxury Hair Salons In Singapore – Here’s Why

Chez Vous is probably one of the most expensive hair cuts you can get in Singapore where all hair directors…

2 years ago

8 Places In Singapore Where You Can Relive Your Memories From Abroad

So, wanderlust has struck again and memories from your last getaway are starting to creep back. You feel like you…

2 years ago

8 Residences In Singapore That You Have To Visit To Become A Senpai On Instagram

Occasionally, when my friends ask me for recommendations on where else to go in Singapore, I find myself repeating places that…

2 years ago

Apple Store (Orchard Rd): The Tech Giant Finally Reaches Our Garden City This 2017

A 120-foot long glass facade, two hand-carved marble staircases, 12 ficus trees and Apple's widest video screen to date. Well played,…

2 years ago

8 Things You Must Do Along The Current DTL Before DTL3 Opens This 2017

With news of the expected completion of the Downtown Line 3 (DTL3) by the end of 2017, I am beyond…

2 years ago

6 ‘Insta-Worthy’ Spots In IKEA Tampines To Prove That Meatballs Aren’t The Only Thing Attracting Millenials

Founded in 1953 by Ingvar Kamprad, IKEA is the world's largest furniture retailer with over 300 stores operating in more than…

2 years ago

7 ‘Insta-Worthy’ Mosaic Playgrounds From The 80s In Singapore That Will Remind You Of Your Sweet Childhood

Playgrounds are never just spaces where we play our nostalgic childhood games. They hold sacred memories and imprison our deepest secrets,…

2 years ago

5 Instagram-Worthy Spots For Your Photos To Shine At i Light 2017 From Now Till 26 Mar ’17

The view surrounding Marina Bay is both breathtaking and majestic. When night falls, this site which is home to the Merlion,…

2 years ago

8 ‘Insta-Worthy’ Places In Singapore To Indulge In Your Narcissism While Shopping In Town

Photography is never just the act of taking pictures; it's far beyond just creating memories. Photography is about preserving memories and…

2 years ago

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