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Chez Vous Is A Leading Name In Luxury Hair Salons In Singapore – Here’s Why

Chez Vous is probably one of the most expensive hair cuts you can get in Singapore where all hair directors have minimally 10 years of experience. But why are there barbershops with S$8 haircuts, yet Chez Vous commands S$199 for their services?

I had the opportunity to speak to Chez Vous’ Brand Director, Eugene Teo at the latest Orchard outlet Chez Vous Hideaway Salon. Tucked away from the bustling street of Orchard, the by-appointment-only Chez Vous Hideaway Salon is meant to take you on a revolutionary hair salon experience, unlike any other typical salons in Singapore.

Entering Chez Vous Hideaway, we often associate hair salons with a typical glass door or open entrance, yet the salon’s entrance was already atypical.

The yellow entrance was illuminated in neon lights and what greeted me was just the beginning of an aesthetically pleasing journey ahead, as I got to find out more about Chez Vous with Eugene.

Revolutionizing The Singapore Hair Industry

Credit – Chez Vous Hair

Chez Vous was founded by hair directors Riz Tan and Thomas Teo, who jointly conceptualized both the main Chez Vous and Hideaway salons.

“We infused a relaxing factor into the entire salon. Instead of just a typical salon, we want to incorporate the wellness bit into the customer’s lifestyle to reduce stress – although we can’t totally eliminate it,” Eugene mentioned.

The entire Chez Vous concept was built on the core foundation of allowing customers to de-stress and enjoy their treatment amidst the daily grind. In a nutshell: a short getaway from your worries sets Chez Vous apart from regular salons.

“The whole wellness industry in the world is often plagued by this severe issue, where they feel stressed [even] during treatment,” he added. One might be familiar with salons upselling treatments while you’re halfway through your hair cut.

The upselling that happens during this service makes one feel trapped and stressed up over having to fork out more. Thus, instead of relaxing, you are “paying for more stress” which defeats the purpose.

To dispel doubts over hidden costs, Chez Vous has a transparent pricing structure put in place without any upsells.  Although prices are significantly higher as compared to your neighbourhood barbers, the service is top-notch and even comes with complimentary lounge access and relaxation treatments.

Keeping Up With New Demand

“When we actually spoke to the customers, we realised that their needs are changing. They prefer things that are a little off the beaten track, more hidden,” remarks Eugene. Taking into consideration the demands and likings of their customers for a more clandestine location, it formed the foundation for Chez Vous Hideaway Salon.

“Each zone will have its own feel. Some people might have their own preferences for certain feels, but at least it gives an experience that is more dynamic than the norm,” he added.

In line with their grand goal of revolutionising the hair salon industry, Chez Vous Hideaway aims to invoke different feelings through their unique room designs. It’s all about the experience, not just the service.

Different zones present in this salon give an experience that is dynamic and provide elements of surprise all around.

Boy, did I get a surprise when glimpsed upon a stunning display of Renaissance-inspired artworks; this was just the reception area for the salon.

Relaxation Is Priority

“We want to snap them out of it, this is not a usual hair salon, just relax, rest and don’t be stressed,” Eugene stated. They believe that one step towards revolutionising the beauty industry is making hair services work hand-in-hand with wellness services.

Customers in recent years have had a lot of long hours at work, such that they can’t even catch their breath during salon services when in fact they should, according to Eugene.  He commented, “For the last ten years, we realized customers are coming in very stressed out, tensed, always on their laptops and phones doing conference calls. Nobody is relaxing.”

As such, this led to the creation of a Spring-inspired relaxation lounge area known as Re:Charge, with massage chairs to boot, where the mind is soothed and the body relaxed before any hair treatment.

That’s not all in the relaxation den though, red light scalp therapy is also provided to stimulate the scalp and promote hair growth alongside an Oxygen bar to ensure a full relaxation treatment.  Tea and light refreshments will be served to you while you take a seat in one of the Osim massage chairs available pre-treatment.

Eugene explains that hair washing time is usually the time when customers get to sleep or have a power nap. As such, they wanted to create a comfortable atmosphere that provides the amenities to do so and further differentiate their experience.

Your hair gets washed in a dimmed room and it does look pretty surreal, with images of jellyfish floating through the digital aquarium screened in front of you. An ion brush with ionizing technology is used to brush the scalp while a spa mist is used to soften the dirt while your hair and head are massaged and pampered.

Lighting It Up For The Gram

“We realised a lot of customers these days like museum lights and those kinds of lights that give a loft-feel because you can take good photos with it,” Eugene elaborated on the choice of white lighting and aesthetics.

In order to deliver ideal lighting, Chez Vous’ directors took a prolonged time to carefully deliberate and eventually fashion the white lights in the salon. The light is specially made to be gentle yet not too straining to the eyes when you looked upon. Furthermore, touches are made to ensure that the colour gives off a soft glow that is common along public corridors.

The end results certainly did not disappoint at all. The light fills the entire main arena where the hairdressing services take place alongside textured interiors and a tinge of greenery. With a minimalist concept adopted, the space gives off an immaculately clean and slick look. Perfect for the gram.

Beautifying the Journey

For the VIPs of Chez Vous Hideaway, you can enjoy hair treatment in the privacy of your own room. With jars of still water lined up along the pastel pink wall, it is an aesthetic beauty designed to give off a sense of tranquillity and stillness.

Of course, with so many aesthetically-pleasing sights you have seen through the entire salon from the beginning, the exit is no different. Before stepping out of this private salon, pastel-coloured walls abound for you to announce your new hairdo to the digital world against beautiful backdrops.

Customers First

Credit – Chez Vous Hair

Hopefully, “this can kick start the industry into focusing more on the customer’s needs in the future.”

Eugene believes that it is essential for the customer’s needs to be met in the beauty sector and to feel relaxed and happy when they undergo such treatments. Especially when you’re paying a premium.

After all, regular life is way too hectic already. If we can’t relax during times whenever we can, how will we be happy? Thankfully, Chez Vous is here to provide respite while fixing your hairdo.

Price: From S$199 for a haircut and one hair service. Includes complimentary services such as mini-lounge access and shoulder massage. By appointment only. 

Chez Vous Hideaway: 391B Orchard Road #14-04 Ngee Ann City Tower B 238874 Website | Facebook | Instagram | +65 6219 3558 | Opening Hours: Mon – Fri 1100-2030 from ; Sat 1030 – 1900;  Sun 1100 – 1800

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