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The Great Singapore Street Pop Up: Orchard Turns Into A Fashion & Food Wonderland Till 28 July

The Great Singapore Sale is back once again. You might be thinking “Only got sales, same thing every year la.”

Hold up! For 2019, the annual grand sale is incorporated with a festival along Orchard Road as part of GSS: Experience Singapore. The Great Singapore Street Pop Up, consists of 43 F&B and retail pop-up stores, musical performances and art installations lined up along the entire stretch or Orchard road from Ion Orchard to The Heeren.

Here’s what you can expect:

Snack Therapy

I went there in hopes of indulging myself in retail therapy and this bazaar really lived up to its hype. What greeted me at one end was a stall selling flavoured pop-corns – not your typical sweet or salted popcorns offered in cinemas though. Flavours ranging from salted caramel to even chicken rice and teh tarik are offered by The Kettle Gourmet. I wouldn’t say that it is mindblowing, but it’s definitely worth a try if you are there.

Ooh is another pop-up store that provides a little to serve your hunger pangs while shopping. Their speciality – Mala Chips. Ooh were the first Mala snack brand in Singapore and yes, you can enjoy your Mala snack in Orchard right now.

Go Green

After the long hours of shopping, don’t you wish you can relax and rest on something comfortable? You are in luck. Haylee has a mattress test showroom for you to do so. It is a good place to take a shot for your Instagram as well. You can lie down on the single bed, but do spare a thought for others who want to give it a go too.

Haylee’s fabric cover is made from renewable bamboo fibres and it is one of the brands in this festival having environmentally-friendly products.

Plastic straws are being phased out in Singapore as we shift towards using reusable metal straws instead. At Trove of Gaiathere is a wide selection of sustainable lifestyle essentials that wowed me. Not only are cutlery tools available, but socks and sunblocks as well. All from sustainable materials.

It is indeed amazing to see such basic essentials made from sustainable components and it is relatively affordable as well.

The Conscious Concept carries several eco-friendly brands as well such as Coral Secret, GreenieGenie, Hunter + Boo, Michelle Schulz and WANT Skincare. 

There is a broad spread of items housed in the pop-up store which includes dresses, string bags, baskets and skincare products. What they have in common is yes, you guessed itbeing environmentally friendly. The products are all built from organic elements to further drive the supply of today’s socially conscious world.

Unique Activities And Events

Fancy a haircut in the middle of the busy Orchard street? The Golden Rule Barber Co. provides hairdressing services at the tail end of the festival. It is really a distinctive outlet and I was amazed to see the hipster-looking barber shop being operating in the festival area.

Art installations are also aplenty among the pathway where you can snap a shot and Instagram it up.

If you are looking to unwind, you can have a seat by the stairs and watch live acts from local musicians while you take a break from retail therapy.

The Under Armour pop-up store also lets you enjoy 3D VR painting or participate in the ‘Test of Will’ Fitness challenge by performing as many 1-minute kettlebell curls to stand a chance at winning attractive prices.

Are you an expert at claw machines? Want to impress your partner? Take a chance at the claw machines available where they have several dolls for you to get, including detective Pikachu!

If you are looking for more than just casual wear, Aldo has set up their summer-themed pop-up store where you can purchase their apparels as well.

The Shirt Bar also offers an “Our Singapore Story” collection that features floral batik printed shirts inspired from flowers from Singapore Botanic Gardens. A truly local fare in line with the “Experience Singapore” theme that GSS has set this year.

Apart from the usual bustling street of Orchard where we are often so caught up in purchasing the latest retail drops, this Great Singapore Pop Up offers significant insight into it. I believe that it is a good break from shopping indoors and it is fun getting to see the art scene integrating with fashion. Shopping also need to relax ma!

Dates & Times: 21 June – 28 July 2019, 11am – 10pm daily

Pricing: Free Admission

The Great Singapore Pop Up: From ION Orchard to The Heeren | Website

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