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Apple Store (Orchard Rd): The Tech Giant Finally Reaches Our Garden City This 2017

A 120-foot long glass facade, two hand-carved marble staircases, 12 ficus trees and Apple’s widest video screen to date. Well played, Apple.

I was so thrilled to finally visit the first Apple store in Singapore at the Knightsbridge Mall along Orchard Road, which also happens to be one of its most eco-friendly ones — a fitting tribute to our title as a ‘Garden City’ indeed.

Walking in to bright smiles and warm greetings by the staff, I was barely able to contain my fanboy heart as I stood amidst the constant shuffling of customers and tourists alike who were busy checking out every nook and cranny in the two-storey space.

Serving as the main retail area, the first level is where you can find the latest products from Apple displayed in full force. Remember the toy store that you refused to leave when you were a kid? You will feel the same way here.

One thing I really liked was how the staff are all super friendly without being overly pushy or ‘fake’. I am sure there have been times when you’ve gone into a shop and felt like the staff there were only nice because you looked like you wanted to buy something.

Here, you are free to try out and play around with the products without any pressure. The staff will not bother you unless you have a query for them and are also always up for a casual chit-chat so long as they have nothing to tend to at the moment.

Hardcore fans can even consider holding wedding photoshoots here.

The highlight of this store is unmistakably its pair of hand-carved marble staircases that I predict will be making a continuous appearance on your Instagram feed. You can add this to the list of Insta-worthy places in Singapore!

There were A LOT of people that were there when I visited, but it still wasn’t difficult at all trying to snap a shot without anyone in the background so there’s no need to worry about getting photobombed while taking an OOTD.

Whether you’re looking to strike your best pose or casually stroll down with a hair flip, this ‘magical’ staircase turns everything into a photoshoot.

The second level, aptly named the Forum, is where the store will be conducting free workshops on a variety of topics such as iPhone photography and coding. You can also expect our very own local talents to make an appearance on a regular basis for these sessions.

Currently, the workshops are extremely popular especially those to do with shooting and editing on your iPhone. My advice is to sign up way beforehand if you are interested in attending one.

Apart from conducting workshops for the public, the Forum is also a great space to take a break. Yay to more nua-ing spots in town! I don’t know about you but I sure am glad that Apple did its homework to find out that nua-ing is our favourite pastime here in Singapore.

Emphasising the concept as one of the greenest stores in Apple history, a unique feature here is the abundance of ficus trees that are located on both levels. Another interesting bit of information worth noting is the use of sustainable technology — all the energy utilised in powering the building comes only from renewable sources.

Adding new life and possibly cleaner air as well (from all those trees!) to Orchard Road, there is no reason why you should not head down to the first Apple store in Singapore. Whether it’s to satisfy your inner geek or to do it for the ‘gram, you will not leave feeling disappointed.

And no… I am not secretly an ambassador for Apple.

Apple Store (Orchard Road): 270 Orchard Road, Singapore 238857 | Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm (Daily) | Tel: +65 1800 699 2824 | Website

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