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Stay in Touch With Your Favourite Celebrities Through The Authentic Celebrity Experience

The outside world seems very distant in the times of the circuit breaker. We miss our friends, extended families, and even our favourite celebrities who never failed to inject joy and entertainment into our lives. But communicating has taken a turn and it’s especially hard to get in touch with people you don’t know personally.

Fortunately for us, with the Authentic Celebrity Experience (ACE), hearing from your Singaporean idols may no longer be an issue.

Credit – Authentic Celebrity Experience

ACE was established to create a unique new way for fans to interact with celebrities. They provide a new opportunity for connection which is especially beneficial during COVID-19 where non-essential meetups and physical interaction is largely restricted.

You can use the platform to request for a minute-long video from a celebrity with a message that’s specially personalised and catered to you—but you have to pay a fee depending on how much the celebrity charges. This means that you can get sassy celebrities like Kumar or Hossan Leong to scream at your friends or annoy them on your behalf.

So far, 50 celebrities have signed on to the platform and they have a collective social media reach of 50 million people. If the celebrity you’d like a message from isn’t on the platform, there’s a ‘Request a Star’ feature that allows fans to submit names of the people they’d like to engage with.

Credit – Authentic Celebrity Experience

The ACE video is somewhat like a digital autograph. It’s more accessible than a physical one as you can receive it from the comfort of your home but also carry it around with you to flex on your friends everywhere you go.

The platform also enables celebrities to remain relevant in these times or raise funds if they decide to donate the proceeds gained through their short-form video messages. It delivers an experience that supersedes traditional ‘meet and greet’ and is the perfect way to stay in touch in these troubling times.

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