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Celebrities Narrate Harry Potter Books So You Don’t Have To — The Perfect CB Escape

If you’re like me and require a form of escape from this CB reality that does not involve the consumption of copious amounts of alcohol, seek solace in the narrations of the Harry Potter series by celebrities! Perhaps you don’t need to escape as badly as I do and would simply like to catch up on re-living the magic that fuelled your childhood, what better way to go through a book than to have it narrated to you.

Wizarding World is the official website for all things Harry Potter and recently introduced Harry Potter At Home, an initiative in which allows Harry Potter lovers to enjoy the series in a plethora of new ways. From a special open license which allows school teachers to record themselves having virtual read-a-loud sessions, to all seven books to Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone being made available for free on Audible Stories, this initiative aims to help us all tide through these uncertain times.

Harry Potter At Home recently announced that it will have different celebrities narrate the different books each week. This week’s narration was by none other than Harry Potter himself, Daniel Radcliff, where he narrated chapter one of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone/Sorcerer’s Stone, The Boy Who LivedVideos of the narration are available on the Wizarding World website, with audio recordings available on Spotify.

Sign up with the Harry Potter Fan Club to receive updates whenever a new narration is available. Future contributors include David Beckham, Eddie Redmayne, and Dakota Fanning.

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