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Singapore’s Power Media Couple, Ryan & Sylvia, Announces Their Divorce on YouTube After 10 Years of Marriage

As many fans were already speculating, the cat is out of the bag—Night Owl Cinematics‘ founders Ryan and Sylvia, has announced their divorce on YouTube after 10 years of marriage. In a video simply entitled, “We Got A Divorce”, the duo addressed the matter, divulging that they’ve been divorced since March earlier this year, and separated for three years prior, as the Singaporean law calls for.

One might expect a dramatic or tear-filled video—as separations in the public eye might be typically messy, but thankfully for Ryan and Sylvia, they’ve found a way to make peace with the decision. In their announcement that demonstrated a great deal of maturity, thought, and growth, the two tackled difficult-to-answer questions with realism and honesty.

Credit – Ryan Sylvia

Here are some things you might want to know from the 45-minute long video:

Why make the decision for a divorce?

Ryan and Sylvia tell a bit of their backstories, revealing that they’ve known each other since they were 16, and got married at 21—eight months after dating. Unlike what one might expect, it wasn’t a major event that led to their divorce, but rather a gradual falling out of love that led them to this decision.

After realising that they have been growing apart in terms of goals and career paths, they decided that a divorce would be best for them.

What’s the reason for growing apart?

Both answered unanimously, stating the business—YouTube channel Night Owl Cinematics (NOC)—as the reason, if they had to pin it onto something. Having very different personalities, they took to being in the public eye very differently. For Ryan, the stress that came with fame and recognition was something he’d struggled with for a long time.

Sylvia quotes a “lack of space” for their marriage to grow due to having their professional and personal lives so tightly intertwined. When their relationship centres so heavily on their business, it’s difficult to work on themselves as romantic partners.

Juggling being full-time business partners as well as husband and wife, they found that their marriage took a backseat as they focussed on matters in the office. “We just put a lot of commas onto our arguments,” said Sylvia, “and we never really finish the narrative.”

Credit – Night Owl Cinematics

So, what feelings do they have for each other now?

Both Ryan and Sylvia stated that they will always have love for each other—albeit a familial one, rather than romantic.

In fact, their working relationship has ironically improved after ridding themselves of the expectations of trying to be the “model or power couple”, as Ryan puts it.

What will happen to the company, NOC?

The two have assured fans that NOC will continue to thrive, and that it is something that they will never give up on. Sylvia also added that she will continue being the “mummy” of the company, just as Ryan will still be the “daddy” to their staff.

Credit – Night Owl Cinematics

With all the ‘burning questions’ answered, Ryan and Sylvia carry on to talk about their fond memories, things they would miss about each other, what they’d do different if given the chance, qualities they love about each other, and the lessons they’ve taken away from the marriage and divorce.

From their jovial and positive interactions each other, it’s easy to tell that this separation is an amicable one—and not everyone is able to say that. Despite not being a consumer of their content, I do applaud Ryan and Sylvia for their courage to put this video together, as well as for their maturity in handling a personal struggle amidst work and being in the public eye.

This video has brought various lessons about marriage and work to light that I’m sure many couples can learn from.

As the two continue to heal and adjust to life without each other, here’s hoping that their fans and the internet will continue to be supportive, empathetic, and kind towards them. I wish them all the best and amazing success in their careers, mental health, and personal lives.

Watch the full video here:

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