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The V8 Slim Fluffy is Dyson’s Lightest Cord-Free Vacuum Cleaner — Available in Singapore Today

They say the perfect vacuum cleaner doesn’t exist, but when I first tried the Dyson V8 Fluffy for the first time, my life was forever changed. Now, a new member of the V8 family—the V8 Slim Fluffy Cord-Free Vacuum Cleaner—has launched in Singapore today.

Credit – Dyson

It’s is considered to be Dyson’s lightest cord-free vacuum cleaner to date, with all the perks, and none of that performance compromise. The V8 Slim Fluffy features a soft roller cleaner head that is 40% smaller and lighter than its earlier counterpart. This helps with hard-to-reach spaces and tight corners—a feature many will be thankful for.

Credit – Dyson

Other key features of the V8 Slim Fluffy also include its 2 Tier Radial™ cyclones, whole-machine filtration, Dyson’s digital motor V8, and the hygienic dirt ejector. The vacuum cleaner is also flanked with two LED lights that give better visibility when you clean dark spaces.

Credit – Dyson

For those who have already ordered their V8 Slim Fluffy but realise that you have no idea how to operate it, live virtual demos are conveniently available on Dyson’s website for your perusal.

Price: S$549 
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