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Seek the Thrills of Japan’s Rollercoasters Through Your Laptop Screen

With theme parks and carnivals closed, the thrill-seekers in many of us have been repressed, trying to find fun in our everyday activities. Japan understands that, and thus, many of their theme parks have released a series of adrenaline-pumping point-of-view rollercoaster clips.

While some interesting amusement parks regulations have surfaced in Japan, rest assured that you’ll be able to get into the full scream zone from the privacy of your homes as you indulge in these heart-stopping videos.

1. Raging Spirits Coaster (Tokyo DisneySea)

As someone who has been to DisneySea, I can attest that it is, indeed, the most wonderful place on earth. Even a full day there isn’t enough to experience the marvel of the attractions and atmosphere. Here, you can view the Raging Spirits Roller Coaster that hides a secret that taints its otherwise harmless appearance—a 360-degree loop awaits.

While the video does not include music, we think that this Spotify playlist of music played at Disneyland will do just swell to put you in that magical mood.

2. Flying Dinosaur (Universal Studios Japan)

Aside from the famed Disneyland franchise, another reason tourists flock to Japan is to experience the beauty of Universal Studios Japan (USJ), which is just not quite the same as what we have here in Singapore. The Flying Dinosaur ride operates as a suspended coaster built to simulate a Pteranodon’s eye view of the park.

There’s nothing quite like juxtaposing fantasy-filled tunes when your heart’s in your mouth.

3. Hollywood Dream – The Ride (Universal Studios Japan)

Another popular ride at USJ is the Hollywood Dream – The Ride which features unique back-facing seats (if falling backwards is more up your alley) and a spectacular night view of the city should you choose to take the ride after dark.

Here’s the dazzling night view as you plunge toward the ground at 90km/h.

While you’re at it, put on some music from around the Universal Studios Theme Park to go with your fun experience.

4. Japan’s Oldest Roller Coaster (Hanayashiki)

If the rickety wooden T Express at Seoul’s Everland Theme Park didn’t give you the jitters, take a stab at this 70-year-old roller coaster at Japan’s oldest amusement park, Hanayashiki.

Accompany your thrilling experience with electrifying music here.

So there you have it—some harrowing videos for when you need a jolt of energy before you start your work day. For height-fearing wimps like me, I think through a small screen in HD will be the closest we’ll ever get to any of these rides. But until theme parks can fully reopen, this will have to do for now.

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