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These Ramen Masks Fog Up Your Glasses, Too

Who would have thought that wearing our masks would be as important as wearing our shirts today? Well, when a pesky pandemic like COVID-19 hits the globe, we ought to be responsible citizens, wear our masks, and stay safe. Following this mask-wearing protocol, designers worldwide have exercised their creativity too.

Check out Japanese designer, Takahiro Shibata, who recreated a ramen mask that looks just like an actual bowl from a Japanese restaurant. Unlike the usual fabric mask, the mask illustrates a half bowl of delicious ramen with char siu, pink spiral fish cake, crunchy bamboo shoots, and garnished with green onions.

Credit – Takahiro Shibata

Interestingly, the silhouette of the dish follows the shape of our faces, with 3-dimensional ingredients protruding at the nose bridge area. Bespectacled people probably encounter the occasional fogging of their glasses while wearing their masks. With the ramen mask, it looks just like they are enjoying a piping hot bowl of ramen!

Credit – Takahiro Shibata

Though the ramen mask does not seem to be retailing in Shibata’s online store yet, do visit his store for other quirky and original creations of his.

Takahiro Shibata | Website | Twitter

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