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Slurp On These Yummy Ramen Towels—Available Online Now

With countries imposing travel restrictions, many people are scrapping their non-essential travel plans. Japan is always a popular spot for most Singaporeans so we understand if you’re disappointed at having to cancel those travel plans and missing that bowl of ramen in the land of the rising sun.

YOU+MORE!—Japanese miscellaneous goods brand—brings these highly-craved Japanese noodles to you, out of the kitchen in the form of towels so that you can at least bask in the spirit of Japan without the need to step out of Singapore.

Made of 100% cotton, the towels are machine washable (yay for sustainability!). Designed with the chopstick-noodle pulling action and realistic graphics of floating ingredients in the bowl, it’s whacky, it’s bizarre, and it’s cute. It uses the length of the noodle to create the body of the towel and the silhouette of the bowls at the two ends.

These amusing towels are multi-functional. You can use them as a hand towel in the bathrooms, bring them out to the gym, which doubles up as a post-gym fuel motivation or drape them around your neck like a bib during those heavy-gravy meals.

Available in three designs (or flavours): tonkatsu ramen (pork bone broth), kitsune udon (deep-fried tofu), and tempura soba (deep-fried prawn). The food looks so realistic that the visuals come off as slightly three-dimensional.

Check out the Felissimo online store to pick these quirky gifts up today.

Price: 1,705yen (approx. S$22.46)

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