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Join These NTU Undergrads and Local Craft Artists To Stop The Rise Of Cervical Cancer

SurviGals Screening is a non-profit health communications campaign led by four NTU Undergraduates passionate about advocating women’s health in Singapore. With the help of talented local craft artists, they aim to raise awareness and encourage women aged 25 to 34 to go for regular cervical cancer screenings.

Credit-SurviGals Screening

With pre-emptive measures such as HPV vaccinations and regular cervical cancer screenings made accessible and readily available in Singapore, there is no doubt that cervical cancer is the most preventable cancer here. However, despite this, it remains as the 10th most common cancer among Singaporean women with approximately 200 new cases diagnosed every year.

Credit-SurviGals Screening

With that in mind, Survigals Screening aims to reduce and hopefully eliminate cases of cervical cancer by placing a strong emphasis on the importance of attending screenings.  They are pushing for this ideal by collaborating with 8 local craft artists to design products catered towards the support of the fight against cervical cancer.

Credit-Lithops Studio

The artists that they have collaborated with are WhereBilly, goodbyejohanna, Ally Crafts Co, Fang’s Flamingo, Lithops Studio, mori, double Q and Fedorexletters. The products are launched on their own Instagram pages and websites and can be purchased by their different consumer pools. With all these artists coming together, awareness can be raised on a larger scale, bringing these girls closer to their goals.

Our lives on this earth are already so temporary. Let’s not cut it any shorter and be more responsible in the maintenance and monitoring of our health. Your fate rests in the sanctuary of your own hands, change what you can and live a more meaningful and fulfilling life not just for you, but your loved ones too.

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