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Thryft Takes The First Step As Singapore’s First Sustainable Bookstore

Are you in it for the earth? Thryft—Singapore’s first Sustainable bookstore is. They seek to unlock the potential of books locked-up in households and brick-and-mortar second-hand book stores and aim to transform them into a sustainable supply made readily accessible to the public.


The absence of a centralised platform, as well as inconsistent pricing mechanisms, makes the transactions of second-hand books extremely inconvenient and unfeasible.

With that in mind, the brains behind Thryft have jumped on to the digital bandwagon and decided to use e-commerce as the platform for their store. Moreover, the implementation of smart algorithms creates an efficient system that provides convenience and fair valuation for both sellers and buyers.


Thryft offers a wide selection of books with subcategories such as fiction, textbooks, poetry, and drama being just some of the ones featured on their website. There are also several books being sold below S$5 that might just pique your interest. Through this, they strive to become a sustainable alternative that creates value for all its users and partners.


Free delivery is available when you spend a minimum of $15. If you want to contribute to their cause, simply head over to one of their book drops to trade-in your books and follow the instructions on their website. If you have more than 20 eligible books, you can also arrange for a free pick-up service.

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