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New NS Hub in Bukit Gombak Set To Be Ready By 2023, Because The West Can Be Exciting Too

West-siders, where you at? Boy, do I have some exciting news for you. The NS Hub in Bukit Gombak is set to be ready in 2023. Sadly, that’s not gonna be anytime soon but definitely gonna be worth your while. The Hub will be found opposite Cashew MRT Station close by the current Mindef headquarters.

Credit: Mindef

One-Stop Service Centre for Servicemen

It goes without saying that the NS Hub will gather NS services, from the pre-enlistment medical to the Individual Physical Proficiency Test (IPPT) for operationally-ready national servicemen (NSmen), beneath one roof. Making the lives of our men in uniform ten times easier.

Mindef said the NS Hub’s fitness conditioning centre, where servicemen can try their IPPT or Remedial Training, will be the first purpose-built, all-weather facility for the Singapore Armed Forces. This makes a difference in terms of ease and convenience which in turn better caters to the needs of the NS community.

Furthermore, the centre will be utilising smart technology and data analytics to boost visitor experience. This will allow the patrons to carry out transactions accurately through e-services accessible through the numerous facilities in the NS Hub.

Credit: TODAY Online

Shorter Waiting Time for Medical Screenings

Pre-enlistees can expect 30 per cent faster waiting times for medical screenings with the use of facial recognition and other “intelligent features”, Mindef said. Visitors can also administer digital transactions through the NS Hub visitor mobile app and receive personalised responses when scheduling appointments or receiving updates.

Credit: Ministry of Defence, Singapore (MINDEF)

Environmentally Friendly While Being Technologically Advanced

Mindef strives to be innovative with the integration of renewable energy and energy-efficient solutions with the NS Hub. This building will be making use of tools such as shading devices and solar panels, to cut down energy consumption and carbon footprint. The objective is for it to be amidst the top 10 per cent of energy-efficient structures in Singapore.

Mindef expects to conserve up to S$700,000 on utilities per year through these green energy-saving efforts. Moreover, they will be planting approximately 600 new trees in the centre where fifty per cent of the felled trees will additionally be formed into purposeful pieces such as seats in the NS Hub. This is four times the actual quantity of trees in the neighbourhood. Cheers to fresh and clean air.

Credit: Ministry of Defence, Singapore (MINDEF)

NS Hub @Bukit Gombak: Hillview Avenue, opposite Cashew MRT

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