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Tricia Ferdinandt

Tricia Ferdinandt enjoys spending her time writing, playing with makeup and listening to the music of different languages. I hear her Spotify playlists are pretty lit.

Sunday Riley: 12 Days of Hype Giveaway — Product Spotlight

Sunday Riley is a cosmetic chemist and product formulator. After struggling to develop skin-care products for many years, she became…

1 year ago

T2: 12 Days of Hype Giveaway — Product Spotlight

There’s nothing better than a warm, soothing cup of tea on a cold Christmas morning. It’s almost therapeutic I might…

1 year ago

Microsoft’s 12.12 Deals: Save Some Money And Upgrade Your Tech Before 2019 Ends

Frustrated with the tech equipment you have on hand with you at the moment? Are your laptops and mouses failing…

1 year ago

Fresh Recording Of Singapore’s National Anthem Performed By The Singapore Symphony Orchestra Released On Dec 3 2019

History buffs, read on. I have a new tidbit for you. Singapore radio stations broadcasted a new recording of the…

1 year ago

5 Wacky Household Items To Wishlist For Taobao 12.12 Year End Sale Extravaganza

It’s finally December. Along with that comes Christmas shopping, and of course, the sales and discounts. With that, the Taobao…

1 year ago

You’ll Never Walk Alone With The New Balance X Liverpool Collaboration

New Balance and Liverpool are partnering once more to put out another athleisure collection. The “Six Times” black collection comes…

1 year ago

sacai x Nike ‘LDWaffle’ Sneakers: Clean, High Fashion White & Black Nylon Dropping February 2020

No more teasing – sacai x Nike have finally released close-ups of their newest collaboration after a series of social…

1 year ago

YouTube Singapore Rewind 2019: What Were You Watching and Searching For This Year?

We’re merely a few weeks away from ushering in a whole new decade. That’s pretty wild. Before we go off…

1 year ago

Get To Infinity And Beyond With This Star Wars x adidas Sneaker Collaboration

Star Wars is making its round of collaborations in anticipation of its ninth installation, and adidas is taking another turn…

1 year ago

Vietnamese Creates Wild Grass Straws As Contribution To The Zero-Waste Movement

There’s no way to sugarcoat it. Our world is dying. Within the issue of climate change, one of the major…

1 year ago

You Won’t Be Having A Blue Christmas With These Black X’mas Trees Around

If you're unconventional and a big believer not following status quo, I have found the perfect Christmas tree to bring…

1 year ago

This Photographer Recreates What A S’pore Queer Wedding In The 80s Would Have Looked Like If Section 377A Wasn’t Around

Our little red dot is clean, green and everything in between. Many have also likened it to being a "fine…

1 year ago

15 December Festive Experiences In Singapore You Won’t Want To Miss (2019)

There are many exciting line-ups of events happening this December to ring in the new year and celebrate the festive…

1 year ago

Into The Wild? You Can Sleep Next To Lions And Tigers in This Safari Lodge in Kent, England

Combine luxury with wildlife and you’ll get this five-star safari lodge in Kent, South-Eastern England. If you have always wanted…

1 year ago

CASIO To Release New G-SHOCK Watches In Camo Print. It’s About Time.

If your watch is barely holding on, and you’re looking for new time-telling investment, CASIO’s got you covered. The Japanese…

1 year ago

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