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North Korea Travel App: Your Personal Guide To One Of Asia’s Most Secretive Countries

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Are you a fan of visiting exclusive countries on your travels? If there’s a place known for being secretive, it’s North Korea. With an air of mystery and danger, this place can be considered desirable as a destination for tourists who seek the enigmatic and unconventional.

If you’re planning on visiting, the North Korea Travel app is a handy guide for first-time travellers to the country — you’ll be able to read up on its ethics, culture, places of interest, and many more.

It consists of important information, including Health & Security, as well as Travel Warnings and other details that will ensure a safe journey throughout your trip; after all, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Apart from recommendations to the various tourist spots, the most interesting (and informative) option for me was the Phrasebook, which points out the language difference in South and North Korea.

The North Korea Travel app’s a great read; even if you’re not planning on visiting, this app serves as an interesting peek into the hidden lives of North Koreans.

North Korea Travel App: Android, iOS | Website

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