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18 Unconventional Jobs In Singapore That Every Millennial Will Covet After

Ah, millennials — the generation that is often perceived as spoilt, sheltered and fickle-minded. We won’t deny that there are a handful of these black sheep among us, but the rest of us were born in a time where we seek freedom, or perhaps trust.

We yearn for our voices to be heard, unwilling to conform to rigid systems where we find our creativity snuffed out by rules. While we’re known as Generation Y, the truth is that our generation tries until we find something we’re really good at, and refuse to give in to the norms of life.

Hence, at Hype & Stuff, we identify millennials as “Generation trY”. The sad thing though is that some try but continue to struggle to find their purpose. So, from one millennial to another, here’s a list of 18 interesting jobs in Singapore that will help you find your passion, in the most unconventional way possible.

1. Venue Stylist

If you’re a lover all of things pretty and can turn anything into a work of art — parties, weddings and event spaces are beckoning you to spruce them up with props and thematic styling.

2. Pet Sitter

Do you have an unquenchable love for cuddly animals? Being a pet sitter allows you to be in the company of cute furballs, beckoning you to love them and shower them with all the attention you’ve got.

It may sound like a breeze, but do note that the job includes feeding them and cleaning up their mess too. Other pet-related jobs include being a vet, clinic assistant, groomer or setting up a boarding house or a pet hotel.

3. Photographer

They said, “Find a job you love, and you’ll never work a day”. If your passion is finding beauty in everyday life and using a picture to tell a story, then you might want to consider becoming a photographer.

The industry is huge; from covering all kinds of events to product shoots, you’ll find yourself working in agencies and magazine companies. Or you could even start by freelancing and building a name for yourself.

4. Florist

One of my dreams (I know I have far too many aspirations) is to start my own little flower shop and be surrounded by the natural floral scents every single minute while I’m at work. But it’d mostly be to see the smile on the faces of those who receive the bouquets.

That little dream isn’t too far-fetched with more boutique florists blooming in the scene. For a better chance at becoming a budding florist, sign up for flower arrangement courses, then practice, practice, and practice until it’s perfect.

5. Creative Assistant To Influencers

If you’ve coveted the life of a blogger/social media influencer/Instagrammer, here’s your chance to work behind-the-scenes with them. Every picture-perfect post comes from retaking the same pose at the same spot over a thousand times.

Your role is to travel with them, be adept at using a DSLR camera, conceptualise and brainstorm ideas — almost like working for an SME.

6. Video Game Tester

This one’s for the all otakus out there, now your mum will finally stop nagging you to get out of your room. Start by getting paid hourly and you never know when you’ll be hired by some gaming or big tech company one day.

7. Mermaid

Yup, a mermaid. Live your fairytale dream of being Ariel IRL by signing up for lessons at the Singapore Mermaid School, held by Cara Nicole Neo, Singapore’s first mermaid.

If you’re amongst the top students, you may land yourself a gig or two at all the events looking for professional mermaids. Get yourself a tail and work those fins!

8. Voice Over Artist

If you’ve got a voice that melts hearts or you’ve been told that you have the gift of the gab, then put it to good use by becoming a voice over artist. You’ll get paid to talk and I for one have always dreamt of that. Sadly, my dangerously high decibel pitch may cause your ears to bleed.

Apart from being a VO artist, you could also freelance as an emcee at events and corporate parties, or even become a radio DJ.

9. Ethical Hacker

The world of IT is a vast one and you can become a protector of the cyber world by getting behind the forensics and security of all the data collected online daily. You will be legally hacking websites, finding their weaknesses, and breaching the systems – all while getting paid.

Challenging yet exciting eh?

10. Illustrator

Whoever looked down on your doodles in class deserves a slap. Don’t waste your talents and creativity by keeping them locked up somewhere; score yourself a job at an agency and start creating posters, advertisements, and designs that will help communicate messages visually.

But, of course, you’ll have to first hone your skills in using Photoshop, Illustrator, and other designing software. The rest is up to your imagination!

11. Landscaper/Horticulturist

Singapore is known as a ‘garden city’, and it comes with no surprise that there is a group of enthusiasts looking after and preserving the lush flora and fauna of this beautiful country.

The role of a horticulturist involves researching, creating landscapes, designing parks and everything beyond a desk job. NParks is where you’ll find such a dream job.

12. Barista

Ah, the smell of good coffee all day, every day. Be part of the bustling cafe scene in Singapore and play your part in helping caffeine addicts get their daily fix.

Learn about all the different coffee beans, how to calibrate an espresso machine and grinder, brew a full bodied cup of joe, create latte art all day, and bid goodbye to crappy coffee.

13. Ski/Snowboard Instructor

I know of a handful of people who travel once in a year just to snowboard and ski so if you love pushing yourself to the limit and beating the snowy terrains, sign up with Urban Ski to become an instructor and impart your knowledge of the sport.

The first and only rotating ski slope in Singapore ensures your passion is not lost while waiting for the next ski season.

14. Production Crew Member

“Ready, set, action!” — there are plenty of roles to fill in a production company, from directing, to scriptwriting and operating the camera, there’s something for everyone to showcase their skills.

Find your style and become the next famous Hong Kong director Wong Kar-wai, or American director Wes Anderson.

15. Food Taster

With Instagram and other social media platforms as your oyster, being a food taster and writing reviews about noteworthy food establishments can easily build you a base of followers that share the same interest as you.

With that being said, it usually requires a passion for eating and a little bit of luck to become recognised before being invited to media tasting sessions.

16. Flavourist

A large majority of food that we eat everyday actually contains flavourings, but who’s in charge of creating all these new flavours? That’s where a flavourist plays the vital role in working behind-the-scenes, concocting hundreds of food flavours to make dishes tastier and more enjoyable for you and me.

KH Roberts is a flavour manufacturer in Singapore where you can explore the intricacies of flavours beyond the kitchen. There’s a whole lot more to food beyond the chef’s table.

17. Au Pair

Rendering childcare services and contributing to the upbringing of a child, an au pair is integrated into a family to help see to the daily activities of the children they’re tasked to look after.

When the kids grow overly attached to you, you may even get to travel on holidays with the family too.

18. Writer

The sky’s the limit when you embark on a journey that taps into your imagination and translates your world into words that captivate others.

Spin stories from the depths of your mind, write for publishing companies, scripts, social media postings… The market is vast, so find a niche that you’re interested in and get those creative juices flowing.

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