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Buddy: Butt- & Posture-Friendly Gaming Chair Costs S$62, Ready For Preorder This Feb ’17

Console gamers will have a “new friend” coming their way this April 2017 — introducing Buddy, the gaming chair!

Anyone who sits still for a long period of time starts to experience unpleasant sore buttocks, and the pressing need to shift to another position to avoid your muscles getting all stiff.

Selling for ¥4,980 (about S$62), Buddy allows you to lean back, or forwards, when getting your game on. Considering how ergonomic chairs tend to cost more than S$100, Buddy’s relatively lower price makes it worth a second look.

The backrest is reclinable to varying degrees, and part of it doubles up as an armrest when you need a firm support — finally, someone who understands what we need when binge-playing Final Fantasy XV or Grand Theft Auto.


Most importantly, Buddy keeps your posture primed for hours of intensive grinding; in the game, that is.

While shipping will not start until late April this 2017, preorders can already be made on Amazon. Plus, Buddy comes in four designs and in very eye-catching colours.

Bid goodbye to cushions on the floor!

Price: ¥4,980 (about S$62)

Release date: Late April 2017

Buddy: Pre-order Now

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