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Ninjago: New LEGO Movie Voiced By Jackie Chan Is Coming To The Big Screen On 22 Sep 17

Left wanting more LEGO action after The LEGO Movie and The LEGO Batman Movie? Well then, when Ninjago hits theatres on 22 September 2017, that’ll be one more film to satisfy your cravings for these beloved blocks of your childhood.

Join Llyod and his friends in a comedy-action filled with fighting bad guys, going on rides in gigantic vehicles, and surviving high school.

Under the tutelage of Master Wu (voiced by Jackie Chan), they battle an evil warlord as they defend Ninjago, their home island.

Get ready for stylish plastic hairdos, Lego brick-world problems and lots of humour.

If the first two LEGO movies are any indication of the fun to come, Ninjago is going to be an entertaining blast.

Check out Ninjago’s trailer and mark your calendars for the release date; you won’t want to miss it!

Ninjago: In Singapore’s Theatres, 22 September 2017 | Facebook | Trailer

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