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10 Prettiest Airbnb Homes Under S$200 A Night For Your Next Getaway In Asia

Every so often we find ourselves halfway across the globe, or on a short getaway to a neighbouring country to discover the beauty of all that the world has to offer.

While hotels provide a great place to rest our head after a long day of exploring, I prefer seeking comfort in Airbnb homes — the best way to absorb a country’s culture in true authenticity.

I’ve put together a list of the prettiest Airbnb homes in Asia, so you know where to put up when visiting these countries.

10. Meguro River View, Japan

If I could only choose one season in the entire year to visit Japan, it would definitely be the Cherry Blossom Season — for obvious reasons.

The Modern River View listing caught my eye, and I can just imagine hanging out by the balcony with a glass of sake or two, admiring the picturesque view of the sakura trees all day long.

While the room is considerably tinier than the rest of the listings in this article, the view and strategic location makes up for the space.

It only takes 12 minutes to walk to Shibuya, and the reviews of those who have stayed here share one thing in common; it is surrounded by trendy cafes, eateries and bars.

Cost per night: about S$91 | Airbnb listing

9. Boutique Tent Resort In Banu, Korea

It was a tough one choosing which Airbnb listing in Korea to put on this list — from serene cottages to traditional houses, Banu stands out from all the other home choices.

Essentially a boutique tent resort, each room resembles a modern tent set up by the banks of the Noil River, which is a two hour drive from Seoul. It accommodates up to four per room, and comes with all the necessary amenities.

There’s even an onsite eco-friendly farm to pick your own vegetables, and for KRW28,000 (about S$35) per person, you’ll get a barbecue dinner under the stars.

Cost per night: S$154 | Airbnb listing

8. The Panorama (全海景套房) Georgetown, Malaysia

The name says it all — a panoramic view of George Town, Penang’s harbour, is what you’ll get when you rent this listing. Couple that view with floor-to-ceiling windows to enjoy idyllic moments in a tastefully designed double storey apartment.

Situated at one of Penang’s hottest spots, the apartment at Karpal Singh Drive is laced with nearby restaurants and attractions.

Cost per night: about S$121 | Airbnb listing

7. Dali Star Room, China

I’ve always wanted to spend a night in a glass house on a rooftop, all snuggled up in the sheets while admiring the starlit sky.

The beautiful Dali Star Room is what dreams are made of, perched on top of a building along the old street of Dali, China. The room, albeit small, is furnished with fluffy cushions, dreamy curtains and a comfy bed to cuddle someone on through the night.

Cost per night: about S$64 | Airbnb listing

6. Bookshelf Room, Taiwan

This one’s for all you bibliophiles reading this. What better way to while away the hours when you’re on holiday than in an Airbnb home with a bookshelf that reaches the ceiling.

The room is part of a refurbished 140-year-old house in Tainan, and your stay here will be enriched with its history and the books it has to offer.

Cost per night: about S$119 | Airbnb listing

5. The Mustang Nero/No.3 The Wolf, Thailand

The Mustang Nero is an old commercial building in Bangkok turned hotel that has kept its raw, industrial elements. With multiple listings on Airbnb, you can choose to spend your night in one of these animal-themed rooms.

No.3 The Wolf  is one that I found particularly alluring given the rustic wooden accents and large potted plants that lend the room a chic vintage and tropical vibe.

Cost per night: about S$100 | Airbnb listing

4. Glamping In A Luxurious Bell Tent, Singapore

Glamping is taking over the staycation scene with hippies posing with their flower crowns and ukuleles.

Needless to say, I was thrilled to see this listing when I did a search under Singapore because it’s not exactly someone’s home per se, and it’s nothing close to the high-rise concrete jungle that we’re all too familiar with.

The listing prides itself as the first glamping provider in Singapore, where beautiful bell tents can be set up at any of the NParks approved campsites (Pasir Ris Park, East Coast Park, West Coast Park).

If glamping under the stars isn’t quite enough, you can opt for additional items to amp up the atmosphere. At S$100 more you’ll get a romantic package, inclusive of fairy lights to decorate the tent, a bouquet of fresh roses, a bottle of wine, as well as rose petals strewn across the bed.

The only down side is that you’ll have to use the public toilets in the park when you need to answer the call of nature.

Cost per night: about S$151 | Airbnb Listing

3. Tami Private Cove, Philippines

Escape to the Philippines and have an entire cove all to yourself. The Tami Private Cove listing is made up of a cluster of cabanas that you can rent.

Here’s where you can enjoy nature at its best, as the cabanas lie on the fringes of Sohoton National Park on Bucas Grande island. Go on a hike, snorkel in the lakes — if you’re lucky, you may even get to swim with non-stinging jellyfish similar to the ones in Palau, Micronesia.

Cost per night: about S$154 | Airbnb listing

2. French Colonial Apartment, Vietnam

Doesn’t this apartment look like it’s straight out of a Kinfolk magazine? I absolutely love it!

Set within a French colonial building in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City, this quaint Airbnb listing is your doorway to exploring attractions, including Saigon Opera House, Saigon Notre-Dame Basilica, and Nguyen Hue Street.

Cost per night: S$95 | Airbnb listing

1. Sanglung Villa, Bali

Travel to the unknown side of Bali and you’ll find tranquil sceneries and unspoilt beaches.

While you’re exploring North Bali, stay at the newest Sanglung Villa with an infinity pool to soak in while enjoying the sunset. A Balinese-style living space awaits you on the second floor for a night of lounging away.

Cost per night: S$101 | Airbnb lisiting 

Now that you know which Airbnb homes in Asia are the best (and prettiest) to stay at, it’s time to plan your next getaway. If you’re up for an adventure, this list of 10 undiscovered destinations in Asia will be your handy guide.

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