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Netflix Reduces Streaming Quality in Malaysia Starting Today

To my Malaysian friends who have been filling up their free time at home with Kingdom, Itaewon Class, Peaky Blinders, and Crash Landing On You—your time is limited. Not to worry, your favourite shows and movies are safe and sound, but I can’t say the same for your streaming quality. Starting today, Netflix has announced that a reduction in streaming quality will be implemented in Malaysia, which is a little late by the time you’ve read this, but you deserve a heads up nonetheless.

Over the past week, Netflix has already been begun gradually reducing streaming traffic across the globe in order to ease both internet capacity, and users’ expectations. It’s hard going back to the buffering life, I know. A life that we all thought was a thing of the past because how dare they make me wait an extra minute for my 3-hour-long movie to load.

Netflix’s traffic is slated to be reduced by 25%, and while this arrangement isn’t permanent, it is expected to last for the whole month of April. In light of the fact that online streaming is picking up due to many more staying at home during this period, Netflix has taken the initiative to spring this into place in order to still maintain a good entertainment experience for all users.

Netflix has also assured subscribers that the decrease in quality would only be a slight one, and that users can still get the quality that they have paid for, be it Ultra-High Definition (UHD), High Definition (HD), or Standard Definition (SD). Downloaded content meant for offline viewing will not be affected and will still remain of the highest quality.

So, brace your precious eyes and remind yourself that it’s alright to live like this for just a little while.

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