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New Gill Mask To Tackle Mask Shortages — Available In S’pore Soon

Product designers are have become more innovative these days. Singapore company, Mdesign Solutions, has developed the Gill Mask as a timely invention in face of a global shortage of face masks due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Designed to have a longer lifespan, the Gill Masks are reusable and can be washed in boiling water or with disinfectants after every use. Unlike surgical masks, Gill masks do not touch the user’s nose or mouth. This hence reduces the moisture coming into contact with the masks which increases the durability of the masks to an average lifespan of two years.

Inspired by scuba-diving masks, this invention is made with a silicone facepiece and adjustable straps. The mouth area is a detachable cartridge that can be fitted with a filter, which can be obtained from any surgical mask.

Filters can be changed easily by cutting a portion of the surgical mask and inserting them into the cartridge. Besides, the mask is airtight, which guarantees that air that you breathe in or out will only pass through the filter.

The Company has engaged factories worldwide to produce around 300,000 masks. 1000 of them are being shipped to Singapore and will be sold either online or at physical retailers at approximately S$25 each.

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