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Zouk X Razer Shifts Your Raving Sessions Online With ‘CloudClubbing’

To stop the spread of the virus, nightclubs have been shut down following health advisories issued by the Ministry Of Health on 24 March 2020. However, Zouk, Razer and Bigo Live have joined forces to ensure that your fun rave-out sessions can still continue.

Taking place entirely on Razer’s channel on the streaming service, Bigo Live, CloudClubbing’ brings an all-new virtual experience to ravers. The live stream allows Zouk’s Dj’s to enter your home via closed-door sets played out online. This is also the very first time that cloudclubbing has ever been conducted in Southeast Asia—making the collaboration among the three quite revolutionary.

Andrew Li—CEO of Zouk Group—hopes that by migrating the Zouk experience online, they’ll hopefully be able to engage a larger community that spreads beyond the Singapore borders. This is especially since the #stayhome movement applies to an amass of countries all around the world in light of the rapid virus outbreak. Hopefully, with the availability of this platform, individuals will be more willing to have fun from home.

The trio will continue to release new dates for rave-out sessions while the public is still under an advisory to avoid all non-essential trips to locations that may draw crowds. This is just one of the many ways that you can still have fun while practising social-distancing. Please, I beg, do your part to curb the spread of the virus and exercise social responsibility because it’s not only about protecting your health—but the lives of everyone around you too.

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