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Netflix Party Lets You Netflix and Chill With Friends While Social Distancing Responsibly

Honestly, what better time to experience a pandemic than in the times of the internet. Yes, the internet did exist during the SARS outbreak of 2003 but thanks to the advancements of the world wide web in the last 17 years, we have better ways of entertaining ourselves now should we be quarantined.

As much as introverts would thrive off being isolated, I can imagine that us extroverts would be absolutely miserable from the lack of human interaction. But in the name of being socially responsible, we should adhere to all recommendations and mandates from health authorities should the COVID-19 situation worsen in Singapore.

The magic of the internet allows us to stay interconnected without needing the physical presence of another person. If you and your partner or friends usually watch Netflix together as an activity, worry not about having to give that up in these times of social distancing for the extension, Netflix Party allows you to do just that without having to leave the comforts of your room.

It’s simple, add the extension to your Chrome browser, have a link generated and send it to your friends who you plan to have a party with. Ensure they have the extension as well and click on the red ‘NP’ icon upon opening the link then ta-da! You’re having a viewing party with your friends.

What’s a party without some commentary? The built-in chat room allows you to discuss your show until your heart’s content without the interruption of human voices.

Afraid that you’ll get lost in the chat? The extension allows you to have a pick from a number of super cute icons and lets you set a nickname as well.

Need some recommendations on things to watch? Here are 6 Netflix shows to watch if you’re looking for an adrenaline rush, if you’re one to appreciate strong female characters and enjoy the thrill of a good horror flick.

Netflix Party | Website | Chrome Web Store

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