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6 Sports-themed Netflix Shows For a Hit of Adrenaline Rush

We’re three months into 2020 and I’m sure  some of you might be falling short in your resolution to keep fit. Yes, we are going to talk about sports today—some might even get an adrenaline rush just by the sound of it. Whether you are a sports junkie in your Nike outfit, a yogi in that Lululemon gear or just a mere curious passerby in the park, let these sports-related shows inspire you to pick up your dusty fitness  gear and be a #fitspo today. 

1. Moneyball

Adapted from a non-fiction with the backdrop set against the Oakland Athletics baseball team, the story revolves around the team’s general manager, Billy Beane, forced to reinvent his baseball team with a limited budget. 

Besides a budget constraint, Beane is faced with the impending departure of multiple star players. However, driven by Beane’s hatred of losing, he teams with Peter Brand—an Ivy League economist graduate—to adopt a sophisticated sabermetric approach to analyse players’ value to use the right combination of complementary talents. 

Witness how this unlikely partnership puts together an eye-opening depth of intelligence between sports, intuition, and statistics. This film gives greater insights to sports enthusiasts like me to see beyond the beauty of the sports and further into the commercial reality of sports management.

Who should watch this: For the math geek or business gurus, who are fascinated by sports algorithms and sports management.

Moneyball | Watch here

2. Coach Carter

All my 90s kids, rejoice! Coach Carter is the epitome of of gold standards and a well-loved classic. This movie is based on the real story of Richmond High School basketball coach Ken Carter, who gained public attention in 1999 for suspending his unbeatable high school basketball team due to their weak academic performance.

Coach Carter taught the players that winning goes above and beyond the hardwood of the basketball court. He practised this “hard parenting” on his players by instilling strict guidelines, signing contracts to maintain their GPA, and wearing shirts and ties during game days. His unconventional coaching style has invited doubts and roaring protests from parents and the school community. 

Beneath that dramatic storyline, it remains a motivating show that conveys the message of success through hard work and discipline while exploring various themes of professionalism, education, and sportsmanship.

Who should watch this: Anyone who wants to be convinced that hard parenting works or wants to be encouraged to study amid their sports obsession. 

Coach Carter | Watch here

3. The Blind Side

The Blind Side is an uplifting family sports drama based on the true story of football player Michael Oher. Growing up, he went through multiple foster care placements, which resulted in a lot of trust issues. When he was 16, his life took a turn, and he was welcomed into the stable and wealthy Tuohy family.  

Encouraged by love, the Tuohy family supported him in overcoming his learning difficulties and encouraged him to attain excellence in American football. A heartfelt story of a homeless street kid, who grew to become a star athlete at the National Football League, the theme centres on strong messages of  inclusion, benefits of hard work, and the importance of family.

Who should watch this: Anyone needs to regain faith in humanity.

The Blind Side | Watch here

4. The Karate Kid

When we are small, we want to feel big. That was probably how 12-year old Dre Parker felt when he moved to a foreign land—China—and was faced with classroom bullies. Dre then sought Mr Han’s help to teach him martial arts. 

A reboot from the 1980s film, we have no doubts about the solid storyline as it has survived multiple remakes. Being a millennial, I was exposed to the latest production, which starred Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith. 

While the show explored deeper themes of friendship, maturity and overcoming adversity, the essence of Kung Fu was most apparent—the virtue of respect and diligence. 

Who should watch this: Definitely for the martial arts fanatics and for an audience who needs motivation in life

The Karate Kid | Watch here

5. The Longest Yard

The Longest Yard is an American sports comedy that revolves around Paul Crewe, a former professional football player, who got arrested due to a drunk-driving road accident. While serving his sentence, he was enlisted to form a football team to play against their prison guards.

With the help of Caretaker and Nate, Crewe assembles the toughest hitters of the block—an assembly of misfits of sorts. Witness the transformation of self-centred inmates into caring individuals as they learned about team spirit and worked towards the competitive showdown.

This remake still features humorously bizarre characters with many well-timed comedies while at the same time, peppering hard truths with naive humour—a pleasant, satisfying end to the plot where honour and integrity reigns. 

Who should watch this: Perfect for anyone who wants a good laugh and an easy-to-follow plot. 

The Longest Yard | Watch here

6. Friday Night Lights

Set in rural Texas, things took a turn when high school football team’s star player, Boobie Miles, was severely injured after the first game of the season. Watch how Coach Gaines inspires the team and imparts essential life lessons to the players.

The movie conveys the community’s unhealthy love for sports and their obsession with winning. Through the use of sports, the storylines reveal the underlying themes of kinship, camaraderie, and growth through adulthood. 

As the heart-gripping cinematic draws us deeper into the characters’ emotions and reveals how tightly their identity was tied to the game, it gives us an introspective moment to reassess our lives and situations. Coach Gaines’ inspiring pep talk before the final match is a tear-jerking scene. Instead of revisiting the strategies, he used the pivotal moment to encourage the players to appreciate the friendships in the team and to cherish the opportunity to play their favourite sport. 

Who should watch this: Highly inspirational and perfect as a pep talk before a life-defining moment.

Friday Night Lights | Watch here

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