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Top 5 Most Unique Lost Items From The 2020 Uber Lost & Found Index

Have you ever lost something on a Grab ride home before? I’ve lost a pack of cigarettes—losing something as trivial as that still hurts, so I can’t imagine when people actually lose substantial items such as phones, wallets and house keys.

Now, speaking of lost items, Uber USA’s Head of Lost & Found, Nicole Siefert released an index on the different things riders leave behind in their ride. Of course, we have the classic water bottle, headphones and bags, but what’s most interesting about this index is that a list of 50 most unique lost items was shared as well.

Here are the first 5 items on the 50 most unique lost items list:

1. Mice for my pet snake to eat

Looks like someone’s pet snake isn’t getting dinner tonight.

2. A specimen cup from the doctor’s office

In what circumstance would you bring a specimen cup out of the doctor’s office? Seems like someone has some explaining to do…

3. Husband’s CPAP sleep machine

Guess someone’s not getting any sleep tonight…

4. A cooler of breastmilk

Breastmilk is actually one of the most nutritious forms of milk to exist, if unreturned, I hope the person who found it utilised the milk to its full potential.

5. A six-pack of *much* needed toilet paper

Given all the panic buying amidst the current COVID-19 situation, toilet paper is most definitely a hot commodity, I hope you never lose your toilet paper in a ride-share.

The item that stood out to me was the last item on the list “A white remote for an implanted stimulator”. Now, my thoughts too went in a certain direction upon reading ‘implanted stimulator’ but after a quick Google search, I understood that stimulators are often implanted in the body as a form of pain coping mechanism for those who suffer from chronic pain and do not respond to conservative forms of therapy like painkillers.

Read here to find out what items listed 6 – 49 on ‘The 2020 Uber Lost & Found Index’.

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