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Tackle COVID-19 As One Nation With Tiktok’s #SGUnitedChallenge

COVID-19 isn’t the only thing going viral this coronavirus season. Fear and disinformation is also spreading like wildfire and has strong potential to dampen community spirits.

With that, local radio app Camokakis has launched a new hashtag challenge, #SGunited on Tiktok to promote confidence and good hygiene practices whilst instilling community-spiritedness and unity amongst Singaporeans.

This first-time partnership, which taps on Camokakis’ three platforms – Music & Drama Company, 88.3JIA and POWER 98 LOVE SONGS–was launched on Saturday, 14 March. Singaporeans can now upload TikTok videos of their hand-washing motions choreographed to the #SGunited challenge song.

Since everybody seems to be super into Tiktok nowadays, this sounds like the perfect opportunity to jump on something fun and make something meaningful out of it. The challenge song is especially unique since it was produced locally by the Music & Drama Company and performed by our homegrown artistes Gail Belmonte and Khim Ng.

As part of the hashtag challenge, users can use custom TikTok stickers and special in-app effects to showcase good hygiene practices. In this special collaboration, music and movement are combined to bring people together and spread positivity. It also appeals to the younger generation and helps them understand the magnitude and challenges of the current climate. Hopefully, the next time I get on the bus I’ll see kids doing hand washing actions rather than doing the Renegade or Say So challenges.

Containing the spread of COVID-19 has become a top priority in Singapore. Popular local TikTok content creators are playing their part by joining the challenge to emphasise the importance of good hygiene practices. So why not you join in too?

If we’re going to stay safe and sanitized, we might as well get some fun out of it. Head on over to Tiktok and join in the challenge and bring along some friends while you’re at it.

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