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Hilarious GE2020 Politician Sticker Packs To Relive SG Election Days

Few days ago, my sister and I found ourselves watching GE2020 eRally videos on Youtube as our post-dinner activity. While we applaud at some good witty speeches, we were also guffawing at the interesting captions and meme incorporated into these videos.

Election fever—still can’t get over it? Here are some stickers we can download into our chats to reminisce the heat of the campaign.

A friendly netizen, Neo Wee Tao, has graciously compiled them into links for ease of downloading. Whether you subscribe to WhatsApp, Telegram, or both platforms, these creative politician stickers will surely crack you up.

The sticker pack documents past and present politicians and their notable and speeches in GE2020.

In this sticker, we can find captions of memorable speeches.

It also contains stickers of the ever most courageous Charles Yeo, from the Reform Party who took the helm to deliver the rally speech in Chinese when his teammate was under the weather. We will remember his use of bombastic idiomatic expressions like “成何体统”, which translates to “unacceptable behaviour”.

Through social media and campaign videos, we got to know our politicians in a more casual setting like opposition party darling Nicole Seah’s daily Teh-C kosong (hot tea with evaporated milk and no sugar) fix.

We also have the Hypebeast Ah Gong, Mr. Tan Cheng Bock, with his now-famous neighbouring white cat whom he wants to name Charlie.

Besides being able to recollect the historically-defining GE2020, these stickers serve as good reminders of the fond promises made by our dear politicians.

Download the sticker packs now, look out for your favourite politician, and spice up your chats today.

Telegram sticker packs: Download here and here.
WhatsApp sticker pack: Download here.

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