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Prepping Up For A Virtual National Day With These #SGUnited Graphic Tees

“This is home truly, where I know I must be
Where my dreams wait for me, where the river always flows.”

Credit – eCapitaMall

In less than a month, we are ushering our nation’s 55th birthday. Unlike the usual “I [heart] SG” crimson red shirts we get from some local retailers that we immediately abandoned when the annual party ends. Why not get these relatable graphic apparels, which you can don, all-year-round, and beamed with Singapore pride.

Credit – Wet Tee Shirt

Don’t be deceived by their appearance; though the fashion parody tees come mostly in monochrome, it exuberates strong unique Singapore vibes with colloquial slang, jokes, and culture. Check out the “Tiger Mum” shirt if you need to reminisce those assessment-books-mugging-days with a rattan cane and a tiger mum by your side.

Credit – Wet Tee Shirt

Also, what’s Singapore if you take food out of her equation? You can find various types of Singapore cuisines creatively amalgamated with global brand logos to give these crew neck tees a witty touch—such as BaLongLong (to describe arrogant and cocky attitude) in a familiar surfing brand logo and Rojak in a modified high-end fashion brand font.

They are available on eCapitaMall. Alternatively, you can visit their site for other interesting products like wine, spirits, and electronic gadgets too.

Price: Ranges between S$30 and S$40

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